Brad Pitt and Mary Jane

What would make Brad Pitt when he was Mayor of New Orleans? Allow same-sex marriages, religion ban and legalize marijuana. Plus: Is George Clooney gay?

But in turn: Brad Pitt, to see, gave next week as Nazi of murdering Avenger in “Inglorious Basterds” in the German cinemas the today show interview. When the conversation on a campaign, who wants to make Brad Pitt to the Mayor of New Orleans, the most liberal statements fell.

Yes, I would like to apply. My topics would be gay marriage, no religion and legalization and taxation of Marihuana. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt shows great commitment to New Orleans that 2005 was struck by Hurricane “Katrina”. Especially the slums affected–and he wants to rebuild “Make it right foundation” that his project. Only it is slower as he wishes. Brad is so annoying – and probably sees the taxation of marijuana as a potential source of funds for the victims.

Clooney gay?

He is annoying but also about the renewed ban on same-sex marriage in the United States. He said the “people” magazine recently:

Angie and I will not marry until not even George Clooney and his partner can legally do. Brad Pitt

Let’s hope that he wanted to use his “best buddy” here only as a means to an end – at an outing, it was probably over with the friendship. But back to the topic of “Sports”: Brad “Pot” Pitt seems to meet the spirit of the times as well. Supermodel Kate Moss and Lily Allen have been caught supposedly recently at the joint-smoking and the NBA superstar Stephon Marbury showed up on his site in a video, as he gleefully pulls on a marijuana cigarette. Brad Pitt is so right and marijuana should be legalized and used as a control source? Vote!