Boots Outfit

In the spring?

Yes, do go sometimes and all the same Day and Night.

In the first outfit so you see about ten decades clothes on me. The oldest is the leggings as xxl outfit. At the time of H & M and I guess as eight to ten years old. You will not (am not sure if they ever did) But along with some light and including only the top buttons to make them a nice Linine. Since it was a bit chilly, is it still a trenchcoat, also Hasi & Mausi and just under four years old. The newest course, are the xxl boots, followed closely by the hat.

New and old combine is especially good when picking the right things. In addition I have a few days ago wrote what that you might as helps.

Rock: sheego (something like that) Trench: Happy Size (something like that) sweater S.Oliver / Triangle (something like that)

Similarly, it is here in the evening outfit. The same boot that rock is about a year old. Here I have simply estimated time that the glitter trend continues a little longer and right. The horny stockings are also already two – three year old, I just take care of on and when I was in London, I had actually found a few in the same color, it is therefore already spare in the drawer.

At the boots I like that it’s suede and they, nevertheless they are flat, also come elegantly over. Both in a day, or evening outfit.

Overall, it is similar to the “From summer to autumn” outfit. So gradually hiking boots in the boxes and the sandals come out.