BOLD Basic Plus Size Parts : BAFO Campaign And Lots Of Comfort!

Holy Mary!!! I can not say the honor of being beside Fluvia Lacerda and so many wonderful DIVAS. I’m very fond of all the beautiful people who participated with me in this movement of the #meubasico (or Basic not so Basic), in the new campaign of BOLD-brand of basic wear of Flaminga-that brings the fact that everyone, lean or fat, high Or low, green or yellow,  like to use basic pieces and always search some to complete the wardrobe.

Many plus women still do not have the guts to vary their jeans and T-shirt, so BOLD has brought me and more these DIVAS to tell us what our BASIC is not so basic and to help you put your looks there in your residence.

NOTE ONE : A great trick of mine is to use ONE base piece as the basis for mixing with another bold mega. It works ALWAYS and it’s a very easy way to combine both the most fashionistas and the coolest look.

What is the # sebasic?

The mine is never too basic to be honest hua hua hua I enjoy always put an overlay with a bulky or asymmetrical vest or a bafônica bomber, over a plain dress, for example, but if the dress has some clipping, transparency or Discreet details I think better.

Well, the BOLD pieces, besides basic ones with a more modern footprint, are soooo comfortable, with nice fabrics that do not keep marking or tightening the body.  The brand has t-shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, coats, shirts, cadigans, blaser and overalls… Of everything a little. Then look at my choices there:

BOLD Basic Plus Size Parts : BAFO Campaign And Lots Of Comfort!

One thing is certain: fashion plus size has improved – and VERY-in recent years. But we know that it is still super difficult to find basic plus size pieces, to work or to assemble more minimalist looks. It is a delight to see all these basic plus size pieces with a well-cut cut, which have a fashion footprint and value the woman’s body plus.

For those who do not know, BOLD wears 46 to a generous 58(it fits up to 60) and is a brand of Flaminga, e-commerce specialized in the segment plus size.” From our experience at Flaminga, offering so many brands with different options and listening to feedback from our customers, we still lacked the proposal of a more basic clothing. That basic not so basic, “says Cynthia Horowicz, a partner of

Well, pussies, that’s it. Did you enjoy the campaign? Do you like my favorite parts? Count down here WHAT IS THE #SEUBASICO?!?!