Body Love – Reported one Participant

Now, many of you have read so much about the project, today is a participant to speak:

Georgia I had in the show “Germany’s most beautiful woman” already I hear experiences interviewed. A few days ago she wrote to me and asked if I also in Stuttgart in the Body Love Action was doing. Unfortunately, I was not. I had missed the action in my hometown Hamburg, because I was at the time professionally in Munich.

Georgia, how did you hear about the action?

I saw some time ago one of the pictures on Facebook, about the same time the #ImNoAngel action and found it totally cool. I just thought to myself: That’s it! It happened what. Because what goes. Then I saw increasingly images. I do not know whether it’s just me, because I just pay attention to such issues and am interested in and the relevant pages like or whether it is really true that just at every turn what happened.

If one could establish in this here something, that would be great!

I wanted by my Dove Statement clarify then also precisely this attitude to life, wanted on RTL in this direction, because I think it is fair.
After my participation in DSF (“Germany’s most beautiful woman”) I’m just on women received I did not know. Sometimes when we were celebrating, there were women who standing around there or danced and their jackets failed to take off because they were ashamed of her upper arms.

I am then towards which and made it clear to them that they may use the, show their arms, that they do not have to sweat and they are great as they are. It worked every time, and the women were happy and radiated. (An odyssey that I myself also only aged 40+ have finished)

How did it happen that you have been through?

For this reason, I also wanted to such a photo. When Silvana you can apply with a few short lines. A fellow, Alex DSF had shared the link and I simply wrote Silvana.

First I have to keep to myself, I wanted to hear from anyone to do so. Actually, I have hardly been thinking about it, as always. I wanted there to tell everybody, whether that is brave or crazy about it I thought for a second.

But unconsciously was sure understood that the one or the other would have something to say. I did not just stop.

Everything went and I went to Stuttgart and will be on the way there I realized: I want to make me equal with underwear in the pedestrian area …

And how did the from then?

When I arrived they were all still a bit reserved and quiet. Everyone introduced himself and you could tell that they were all a bit nervous.

Silvana paid the everything out of pocket and is glad when Report as makeup artists voluntarily and especially a location is provided, so that the models change clothes and make ready.

We are then arrived at “Lush” in stock. I knew Lush not that make soaps and those things somehow vegan and very hip. As one can imagine how things are smells in the camp. After a short time all had a headache.

We went so makeup and let us paint our letters on the belly. Each has again gone to pee quickly then we undressed, the bathrobes and are high in the pedestrian area.

How does it feel almost naked in a busy shopping street to stand?

The preparation itself was 2 hours. Even as we stood there in a bathrobe and put on our cigarettes were the first who wanted to know what we were doing. Everyone looked and thought his part. We girls were more familiar with each other and just shared our worry.

We were at once an alliance! One unity! A front! Against us nobody arrived!

We were now half-naked in this shopping street and made our walk, again, as it would only give us and … we were the hottest women in the world.

What you take for you from this day?

I had never seen such a strong self-confidence as in these 10 minutes in which we stood ran, cheering, celebrating our lives and our bodies. Unfortunately, it was far too soon.

None had reservations. We took in his arms, half naked … It was quite normal. All around us were so many people, we have not seen.

Gradually, more and more came and wanted to know what we do, wanted to make photos with us and TOUCH! really …

We then were still some around and talk and eventually we noticed that we were still standing in underwear because, not had quite the need to dress again.

Did we but then made and are all gone even eat together with Silvana. From restraint was no trace now. We laughed together like a bunch wives who knows a long time.

It was a crazy feeling. To time again allowed Hammer Meet Women, a statement that, thanks to Silvana, achieved to put the world and carry a statement that I will try again and again into the world out and when I take someone’s jacket only at the disco.

I am so glad that finally something is moving and would do it again at any time!