Body Love: an Action Against the Beauty Ideal

Body Love is the campaign, currently makes the plus-size model and photographer Silvana Denker German inner cities unsafe.

It all started a few weeks ago in Siegen. The already had me baffled and delighted. So many actions we know from established Plus Size brands that run through their PR campaigns with a large budget, top plus-size models on the time chart of NY. But victories? Yes, Siegen. Women can be anywhere from a set of beauty under pressure and it has very pleased me that equal the first action was held with a small media coverage.

The Body Love Action in Siegen:

Silvana Denker lived in Westerwald and works as a plus-size model for national and international brands. With this recognition for several years she has been already for a realistic image of women one, for more acceptance and tolerance and that accepted Plus Size Fashion and Modeling in Germany and taken seriously.

Currently she is working on a photo series called Body Love , when they of any gender, age, with different dress sizes, with tattoos, without, with disabilities, and many more people. Photographed almost naked, to show how beautiful and diverse we all are and that there is no one perfect body, which is always propagated in the media.

The action in Hamburg:

As part of this photo shoot she came up with the idea to make these recordings in different cities. Eight women or four men and four women, dressed respectively in underwear, with one letter of the word Body Love on the bellies, in pedestrian areas or other distinctive points of the city.

What I like the fact that diversity. I’ve often said and written, my goal is that it should not give / takes. Abrenzen exclude, push in corners, that’s not my thing. Attract women, already. And women to encourage each with himself to employ, instead of the left and right to match what on a “not sitmmt” anyway.

Therefore, I like this action and I like to share with you. “People relaxing you times” this sentence you have also read many times by me and he now just fits really well.

In the capital:

Silvana about their Akti on: Of course, the press is also good for me, but that is not me, I will not receive any. I do this because it is close to my heart. I myself have a story and as a plus-size model I sit down, so to speak by itself and for a new, versatile and natural woman image.

I got such beautiful messages. People from around the world write me their stories, which I partially tears come because they are so sad or I myself find myself in again. Strangers who thank me that I have made them with the campaign courage himself to love a little more. It sounds trite when you say that, but everyone who has ever regain much know that this is indeed the best reward.

In Cologne there was a different approach:

So far found this Shootings place in Siegen, Hamburg, Koblenz, Cologne and Berlin. Other cities are Stuttgart (19:12.!!) Müchen, Leipzig and Rostock (early 2016). I just talked to Silvana, she has already gotten a sponsor for another five cities. A little bird has twittered me that in one of the nearest towns Georgia is at the start. The course is then arrested for an interview and can we again report from your perspective as a participant. The interview is now also out vertextet and live: INTERVIEW WITH A PARTICIPANT

You can find this action just as great as I am? Then commit yourselves. Goes from everyday against stupid sayings, listens to you mortify, catch love to you and support body love with donations: There is a crowdfunding campaign, in which you can engage you.

You want to be here? Or simply stay up to date? Then looking at Silvana on Facebook over.

And who says that interested anyway no sock, but again only the Curvy Community, the check it below. This is a small part of the recent media coverage:

I am very pleased that a small fine action that began in Siegen times, such international make waves.

Oh and here is Silvana thinkers in action: