Blogger Em By Terrible Tumbles

We met the inspiring Fashionista behind Terrible Tumbles to talk about her style, blogging and, of course, the new navabi collection.

Last week we invited our favorite bloggers to a small soiree to celebrate with you the launch of the new navabi collection H / W 2015. During the event, we met Em, the creative head behind Terrible Tumbles . She gave us her views on the subject of blogging, her beauty secrets and her very personal fashion must-haves.

After Em has run through magazines for years, and it is noticeable that she never had fashion for big, curvy women, the idea came to her own blog. She began to participate in plus-size events, discovering the world of blogging. Her passion was aroused: “It’s like an addiction. Once you publish your first post, you will not be able to stop. “We love her side where she combines nostalgic vintage looks with modern elements.Reading your posts is like getting mods from his
stylish best friend.

There are countless inspiring fashionistas. Who is your fashion icon?
When I think of glamorous fashion and evening wear, then definitely Christina Hendricks. She has an incredible hourglass silhouette that puts her in a very stylish way. Whether retro or modern.

Which fashion bloggers inspire you?
It’s unbelievable to say that because I’m here with her is one of my favorites in the bloggers scene. Becky Barnes of Mrs. Bebe is one of the smartest women I know. I also loveDanielle Vanier . When I feel like wearing something outside my comfort zone, I let myself be inspired on her blog.

What is the basic equipment for uncomplicated styling?
The moment I turned 30, jeans have found the way back into my closet. I love the fact that they give you the possibility to style them either conspicuously or even casually. Until recently there were always clothes, skirts and boots, because I am very tall. But this year, a well-fitting jeans has really changed my world.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a modern vintage look. I do not like clothing that is too cumbersome. I just do not want to have to poke me all day.

What is your favorite part of the navabi collection?
The textured dress in berry . It is absolutely perfect.From fit to sleeve length.

We love it too. How would you style it?
There are two options (this dress is the ultimate “from-office-to-bar” dress!):

1 With a few killer high heels, voluminous hair and a calf-length trench coat. That would then be a “Mad Men” inspired, sexy office look.

2 With casual black ankle boots, a statement chain and my leather jacket for a drink with the girls.

Without which fashion accessory you can not live?
My current must-have fashion accessory is a big handbag, in which everything really fits. I always carry so much stuff with me.

What exactly comes in your Mary Poppins handbag?
My make-up bag, just in case I have to go somewhere. Then I am always armed. My Tangle Teezer hairbrush, a handy charger (I get panic as soon as my battery is less than 70%) and business cards. You never know who you are on the way.
What are your beauty secret weapons?
1 coconut oil for my hair. It is very dry momentarily and the oil seems to cause true miracles.

2 Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour Cream. This cream is an Allroundtalent. Lips, hands, face. It even cools heatouts and makes brittle lips supple again.

3 Tom Ford Lipstick Wild Ginger. If you are as pale as I am and have so light hair, this lipstick is the absolute dream (I’m not trying to think how expensive it is.).

What is the most expensive piece of clothing you have?
I’ve bought a vintage little black for my 30th birthday. And also a stunning corset for underneath. Very luxurious, but worth it. Nothing strikes the feeling of wearing good quality. A part for life that gives you a fabulous feeling.