Blazer Oversized

Blazer oversize is not as easy as it here, similar to the dress, especially angkommt on the cut. Many blazer for chubby women make a boxy and exactly they are just not.

Blazer give an outfit a nice clean line and it is a garment that is very versatile.

As light jacket in the transitional period or simply as a shell.

It does not always go right in the direction of business also. Many Blazer, also in plus sizes can be very casual wear. I also used to do that, because it quickly goes towards uniform rate. Whether it will be combined with jeans or a dress with a blazer you always proves a little more style.

Blazer Oversized: the combination miracle

You can wonderfully with a blazer a casual layering create where you can, for example, a long tunic underneath wearing that still peeks underneath. It is important that a large chunk out looking, otherwise the Blazer acts simply just too short.

A casual combo I have implemented here, for example: Outfit Blazer

If you have a tight legs and a round butt and both want conceal something, your blazer should be slightly longer. Here below should then no longer protrude. Keyword here is the long blazer, I recommend it, especially for women with an H-character, since it acts stretching.

These two blazer that I at sheego have found are casual even by itself.

Sexy and precious it is with a tuxedo blazer, which is often equipped with a collar made of satin. Also the you can easy combine, with a tight skirt very hot or even really festive with a skinny jeans. If you goes in this direction, I recommend you still the article to dress codes.

Your Blazer – Your average:

Eighth in a blazer plus size to the correct section. Currently more narrow line guides for blazers are announced. This gives you the opportunity to stage your curves and fit.
As already said at the beginning, a Blazer at chubby ladies should not be bulky. Throws Your Blazer wrinkles, it does not fit properly.

A blazer is always a statement:

One for a clear line and to a certain sovereignty. That’s just no windbreaker, as it is indeed like carried in Germany, but a garment that is critical elegant and urban. Its origins, the uniform, he has long left behind and is nowadays fashionistas just not been translated in a uniform.

If you want to know more about Blazer cuts and learn, I have here the 1 × 1 the Blazers by Burda for you.