Blazer Casual

Blazer casual, so actually I have in London simply saw this beautiful house entrance and asked me before. Fit all just so beautiful and with my “new transparency” foothills, from the summer, I found a beautiful composition. Then came The Modefl√ľsterin with the idea of a blog carnival about Blazer to me and I remembered these images again.

So I I the times retained beautiful. Til today.

The next three Sundays there will be seen in their bloggers and their blazers on three themes: Casual, Business and Party. A pretty good idea who I am pleased to accept, even if not quite as well prepared.

And here the other ladies: Chrissie, Cla, Conny, Gaby, Ines , Rena, Sabina, Sabine, Stefanie and Valerie.

Looking for a good blazer I’m actually getting. It is one of my favorite and most versatile garments. But he has to sit just already well. Last year I with Melanie together, cleaned out two-thirds of my closet, some of you have bought pieces via Dresses gyroscope of this money I wanted to buy three good basics: a blazer, a white blouse and a pair of jeans. Who regularly drop by here knows that I have found all three and I only come since in the cabinet, which sits well.

But the trend is quite clear to second Blazer ūüôā I still have some unlined in pink and blue, which are great and make a shirt equal an outfit. This here in new but needless yet, he’s just a bit worn. I’ve found the way to my plus size fashion shopping trip through Holland. Where you buy the so your blazer? Carry her they so much as I do?