Bikini Oversize I Allowed The

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A Bike? So now it chops probably or what?
No, not at all. Since my colleague Gaby Fresh 2012 the so-called FATKINI has launched in collaboration me ‘swimsuits for all’, there really is no stopping.

This year the swimwear supplier, has gone with her and a few plus-size model, which you have almost all seen here even further and makes a Curvy Bikini Calendar. The cover is made calendars based on the world famous “Sports Illustrated”.

But back to ME, DO. A bikini, so that was a blast, even for me, not least because my stomach has never gotten sun. Please understand that I do not want to show up with bikini pictures on the Internet, but a small proof image I have of course made.

The upper part I as a tankini and I used it mainly because my stomach burns really fast when I’m in the water longer. But otherwise I got used quickly to the bikini and also not gained the impression that the people on the beach were powerless, except perhaps with excitement. hah!

He is also so, without me in it, a real looker. Those who miss BARTOZ news on facebook subscribe, know that I have carried me a long time with the idea to buy it. But wat isset mosque, now sitting in the great summer (especially in the north) with the thing in the sun.

At that time, it seems to me so long ago ago when the Fatkini came out, it was actually a news on CNN. Similar way as in the first Plus Size brand that has been running on the NY Fashion Week. That’s really a strong piece of it? I mean the CNN News? “Breaking news there are fat ladies in our country, want’s to wear bikinis”. Well.

My bikini was worn in 2013 Weekend on the first London plus size … (from minute 2:49)

However, it is always a strong kick that is not done all at once and it will take quite a while until such articles as this one, are superfluous. Imagine the difference: “Seen man in swimsuit – wife called police” or what?

For myself it was an act of liberation in any case. Although I must say that the biggest step for me was the exposed arms. Despite or perhaps because of it, I’m always surprised how easy it is for me and how well I feel in bikini (and the sky is not obscured)

Selbt in liberal Denmark it is an issue:

If you want more reasons that suggest to wear an XXL bikini, click here to Huffington Post. There, comedian Karen Mangiacotti expressed. Me something to bite, but this is a matter of taste.

From the beautiful Brazil, where we have very often executed looks this summer, there is also to report small revolutions. Because eventhere Plus Size Fashion Weeks will take place now and not all Brazilians have a figure as you want us to believe. And they like to wear white as us proves Tatiana Gaiao:

So ladies, when the whole world is what it has then we can, too. None of you must, but if you like them and try’ve always wanted, then do it now! It’s fun when you have once married and went to the front, in the zone, in which one has not yet married. Nobody forbids you, except you yourself. I know what I write ūüėČ

Tankini, bikini, Fatkini – only recently I have to what is written, including addresses for ordering.
Seen in Berlin in Bikini: Has little to do now with the topic, but just worked:

More ME, DO actions to other fashion themes you will find if you either click on the keyword below.