Biker Style Fringed

Due to the great response to my party outfit in Copenhagen, I have it again photographed completely. So now everyone realizes that there are on the fringe pants, I’m even a Plier for you.

The fringe I am this summer so what running from behind! Rarely have I so noted it clear that the Plus Size industry in Germany, the trends are either not reacted or two seasons later. This has formerly perhaps can do when you had to see trends pointing to the street, to fat women dare. But now there is the Internet, and we see what comes before it hangs in the shops and want to do everything but just in plus size.

In England it was not so. As I have already seen last season short sweaters and belly tops in sizes to 54. Would that still I do the topic? Looks, well combined, namely the bomb out.

Well, these plus size pants from Ethnicityology and not surprisingly, sold. The Biker Jacket is actually Mr Glööclkler one can soon wear then he Retro 😉 It’s been a few seasons as, but I knew his time will come. The blouse there are currently at H & M. The shoes have the way all great cutouts (present you another picture of Instagram this) and – even at the risk that I am repeating myself, already shot last season in London. The single flat that I can wear. My beautiful loafers I have to sell just on clothes roundabout. Had me once both little toes broken, since there is always something with the shoes. Too bad, would fully mine, this dandy style.

But now yes only times rocky and somewhat less Ladylike how you know me otherwise. Whether fringes remain as I am unsure Glam and biker style stay but because you can build it and biker jackets are also available with the first parts, which are offered in almost all shops and almost all brands for large sizes. A few years ago it was a no-go, because it’s not over goes over the Poschi;-)