Biggybox September

I have time now finally show my great Biggybox you and thank Miss Biggy for it.Somehow I have not managed it already in August to do that were also really totally cool stuff in there (the Catrice has been incorporated need powder E.g. directly in my daily makeup!).

This time came in a special box with me, because the love Miss Biggy got twice as much in since I’ve been so mid-August birthday. And the birth day things were all very sweet packed.

For example a glittering body powder by essence which probably belongs to cherry blossom girl LE belonged to my birth day stuff. The powder is very fine and Shimmers slightly silvery pink also were he allowed great. For everyday, he is very well suited as a highlighter, but for parties or special occasions I find quite sweet him also to the rest of my bodies! Also the extremely great Paperlashes, that however haven’t tried from you, because I think that that will take not more than once come from the same LE. Sugar is the small concealer, blush, and lip gloss set by Manhatthan. This is namely not only totally great, but contains also a concealer made for me and the Rouge is also totally great. Took now already quite often with the set because super fit in the bag and quickly one conjures up a fresh look!Sweet Spatzel is also a cute name.

My actual box was then a travel set of Anatomics. The slogan on the package is even pretty cool: “whatever you look like, whatever shape your’re in we only want you for you body!” It consists of a body lotion, hand cream, SOAP and shower gel.I’ll save up that me for the next opportunity where is stayed outside. The paint “sold out forever” I did already, however Miss Biggy’s right it goes perfectly with my hair, and since mine is already half empty, you can never have enough of them!
I have the pigments of essence and the applicator until now only to the play tried out, but both like me very much. Glitter goes eh always and by the way, your concerns were in vain, Miss Biggy, I’m already a base, so everything no problem.You should apply namely definitely under the glitter, those who keep right.

Now again a very big thank you,! The three boxes I got Miss Biggy, were all very wonderful and packed with lots of love. Shame, I now must give you, but I am already on my new Schenkerin, this week’s Yes ready yet!