Big Size Mode on the Modemesse CPD

At the Modemesse CPD in Düsseldorf, some Big Size brands have joined together and a large exhibition area has been put together. In addition, during the day there were smaller fashion shows, with some Plus Size collections shown.

About half a hall was dedicated to the theme of “Big is Beautiful”.In addition, there were singled stands in other halls, which, without the “oversize” stamp, were quite self-assured between the other brands of Modemesse.

The offer went from – until tell me.At a modemesse costs a lot of money, so I was positively surprised that even smaller Lables like openEnd were there.The large areas then belonged to more labels such as Chalou.I had to look pretty, until I found something else in the unit.What with cut and shape and gladly also times a color.For example, I have Anna Scholz, which I interviewed immediately.Super cute woman, totally relaxed and with beautiful fashion in big sizes.

It remains to be seen whether the signal from the consumer market was taken seriously and therefore such an area was established.It is always a question, whether the clothes are taken from the boutiques and buyers.Good jobs were written, but does it also come with us, the buyers?We will see.

Update May 2014:that was when many started, for example this website, but also navabi, whose founder you see in the picture above.Meanwhile we have Plus Size Fashion Weeks to the usual fashion weeks in London, Paris and Berlin and very many beautiful brands are now also available in Germany.Anna Scholz I met more often, most recently in her studio in London.It has now tripped itself and looks fabulous. The Modemesse CPD is now no longer, Berlin is probably simply hipper than Düsseldorf.