Best Way to Hide Back Fat

We all complex: too wide hips, thighs too round, soft belly, cellulite … There, two camps oppose: there are those who lament and which prevent to live (no shopping, loss confidence) and those that are with. And if you were in the past? With a few simple tips, learn to hide your bulges in the back.

Stop the complex!

Physical exercise, choosing clothes and lingerie: Follow this guide in 6 steps that will make your life easier and save your complex KO The beads in the back due to the fat that is stored between the skin and muscles back. The most affected people are men and women in the android morphology.

Fat is useful to the body: this surplus energy is stored to face a time of famine. It is useless to starve hoping the body draws on these fats and you lose your small ridges in the back because the fat consumed in case of such fast return as soon as you resume normal eating.To see them disappear, we must expend energy and exercise the muscles so that the fat is better distributed. Diet is important too: a balanced diet will send the signal to your body that it does not need to store.

6 Tips to Hide The Bulges In The Back

Have bulges in the back is not a fatality. Admittedly, this is not very attractive but there are ways not to see them and thus, no longer to mirror his best enemy. Here’s a guide “SOS beads in the back” for your convenience:

1. Choose The Sheathing Underwear

William Carnimolla told you, we repeat, to dress well, we must think of her lingerie. Thesheathing underwear have nothing barbarous Facts spandex, they galbent the body to make her look more “smooth”. Aesthetics, designers have made much effort to offer sexy shapewear the pin-up accents. Long pants tall and spanning bras! There are a multitude of such sculpting underwear: body, tank top, panty … To hide your love handles, it is best to turn to a sheathing belt, high waist pants, a body or a tank top. Adele, Oprah Winfrey: you find harmonious, is not it? Well thanks to that famous shapewear!

2. Stand Up Straight

If you walk bent, shoulders forward, if you avachez instead of holding straight in your chair, folds will be marked. The fact of standing right will give you not only a pretty harbor and head more, put your chest in value. In addition, you’ll save yourself some back pain and the hunchback effect with age! So we do not look at his feet when walking, chin should be parallel to the ground. When you’re sitting, do not fill you back in your seat but in the middle.

3. Opt For Fluid Materials For Your Clothes

Have bulges in the back should not make you give up pretty tops near the body that put your other foot forward. You just have to learn awarded “good” material “bad”. The bad: jersey, Lycra and other stretch materials, rigid materials (tweed, taffeta), too big or too fine mesh.The “good”: cotton, silk, linen, satin and other tissue fluids that come fall fluidly on your body.

4. Play With Clothes for a Trompe-L’oeil Effect

If you’re in a hurry or your shapewear is in the machine, you have the shoulder cap, shawl, poncho or bolero. These clothes, if well chosen, are coming hide small beads. The most important thing is to try before you buy: the garment must not get below the navel. This will create an effect size refined.

5. Wager on Tanks

If you are not comfortable with shapewear, nothing is forcing you, try the Tanks (or vests, knitted skin) made in a fluid and light material. They are not as effective as shapewear but they will improve your life. Worn under a shirt a little tight, it will follow the fluid material of the jacket and not the love handles.

6. Firm Up Your Back

Here is an exercise to practice regularly if you want to permanently get rid of your beads in the back: Take a weight of 1 or 2 kg in each hand (you can find in supermarkets sports department, those filled with sand enough).

Stand with legs slightly apart, body straight, first adjust your right hand along your right thigh toward your foot, then move your arms back to the starting position. Repeat this movement 15 times on the right, then 15 times on the left; both series should not take you more than a minute. Pause for a minute and then start a new session 2×15 movements. (On the advice of Marion Bodin, dietician-nutritionist and certified coach).

Failing to have a magic wand that would fulfill all your wishes and your gommerait complex, here are some quick and easy tips to hide your bulges in the back.