Best Tips for Plus Size Fashion

Colors like from the ice cream parlor: strawberry, lemon, vanilla. Also mint green and lavender are in the Fashion Plus Size 2015! Soft sorbet shades are every woman. As with all trends also here: First try what color your personality best highlights! Choose the shade that best suits your complexion. Bright colors, for example, appear faded with light skin. For this, recommend brighter colors like dark rosé, peppermint or baby blue.

The sorbet colors are made for plus size fashionistas. They do not wear and are you tone on tone or as a complete outfit in large sizes, without being overdone. The colors match excellent-they are as varied as can be combined with little other trends.


  1. To cool Plus Size Looknecessarily include a mintfarbenes shell in oversized look , under which you prima hide your problem areas can. In conjunction with large sizes pants with narrow legs or comfy pajama section Receive a beautiful silhouette. The layered look in fashion large sizes in which several shells are overlapped with each other, in addition stretch.Flat shoes like sandals or ballet flats to fit perfectly. If you like a bit more “Girl Style” You’re adding to a sparkling bracelet, a mini-purse and a few half-high heels.
  2. For theoffice outfit is a plus size business suit or costume in bright blue, a trendy eye-catcher. Sorbet colors can wear discreet when you wear a top with a blazer and a white XXL jeans. A skirt with a plain shirt from linen or silk demonstrates your understanding of fashion. Geometric and cleaner jewelry is eye catching without being excited.
  3. Theelegant variation Oversized offers an uniform color choice. A lavender skirt with matching blouse Midi impressed!An A-dress with a clutch of the same color looks natural, without being too “cute”. The sparkling highlights are metal bracelets and patent leather shoes.

Your Plus Size Outfit is especially harmonious with the right choice of shoes. The best are lightweight shoes like sandals, pumps or ballerinas. In Nude- or sorbet colors you complete your style in large sizes featured on Thereligionfaqs!


If you clear up your wardrobe in late summer or your wardrobe ausmistest, let the clothes in sorbet shades in it-in combination with the next earth tones she radiates all the more!

Discover fashion large sizes in these beautiful soft colors:

Here the elegant Best Buy in strawberry and pearl!

Now the figure friendly tunic in large quantities in lemon shopping!

Female, light blue skirt unique Jacquard Jersey in large sizes here!