Best Black Faux Leather Leggings

Any self-respecting fashionista has at least one black leather pants in his dressing room. If like me, you looked past the train for years asking if this trend was made for you, it is not too late, do not worry. I have created a small test bed of the finest leather leggings. As it begins again, we start with what is most basic: the leggings in black leather, no pockets, no zip, no “biker effect” smooth leather in its most chic Version!

I’m a longtime fan of this brand which Helmut is no longer at the helm for 10 years * NDLA. The collections are made up of interchangeable pieces and trendy wearable and accessible. Their black leather leggings in plus size is a basic brand and cartonnent with many “it girl” Hollywood. So I’ll try me half conquered in advance.

A little extra: the small pockets on the buttocks which are very flattering! They are auspicious because this kind of pants does not help to refine the silhouette (mostly up).

If I had to choose a color other than black? A gray-taupe.En sale at Helmut Lang: 15, rue Debelleyme 75003.


I have heard of this brand recently by a friend who drew my attention by saying to me that the leather pants Stools are “washing machine friendly”! I still can not believe … They lambskin and side cut, their leggings is what is done more comfortable as they are an absolute lightness, only downside they pucker slightly as they cut big: my 36 turns to my surprise in a tiny XS in Stouls. Level one puts their self esteem 10/10!

Aurélia Stouls, the designer wants to make Stouls a democratic luxury flagship where you wear leather as a tee without stress. His pants have the enormous advantage of being portable all seasons because leather is light as a feather, it will be the BFF of your prettiest summer sandals.

A little extra : machine washable!

Its price: € 1,095.

If I had to choose a color other than black? At the risk of sounding process in me “Kim-kardachiandiser”: a cream!

On sale at Gas by Marie: 31 avenue George V, 75008.

Do you Natacha & Vanessa? no? No panic, it is THE insider brand! It’s been seven years that both sisters discreetly working leather and suede. The colors are beautiful and cuts are insane! It’s paradise leather pants. Their legging “Bruna” has the merit of being as beautiful as comfortable. Its leather is not too thick and the look is neither too bright nor too dull. It will be hard to beat …

A little extra:
color, more beautiful than the other.

Its price: € 980.

If I had to choose a color other than black? The navy blue without hesitation that the perfect color: deep blue chic.

The basic per excellence! Joseph plies on leather pants for ages and offers an elastic legging pants at the waist, although tight.

A little extra: it is super long so we made the cut to measure. This is one of the best price / quality ratio, and they are made in Italy.

Its price: € 835.

If I had to choose a color other than black? The beautiful gray spring-summer collection!

This is the big disappointment of this panel! I discovered a beautiful black leggings on the coat hanger that once carried turns out to be a rigidity foolproof! give us obviously I struggled to sit … it is beautiful because leather is smooth and the sheathing cup but unfortunately comfort issue is unmanageable.

A little extra: the cut sheathing

Its price: € 1,095.

If I had to choose a color other than black? A mole.

If you do not live on Pluto, you know the brand of the famous twin Olson is a hit. The prices are so expensive that it has become a fixture of the snobbery of the fashion world! Certainly, the leather is beautiful but a shiny coat for my taste.PS: What I deeply irritated with this brand is its snobbery to their size standards. The 38 is extremely uncomfortable to me and 36 is infermable. It is a “test” as everywhere else, the vendors all want you refourguer size under the pretext that they are relaxing!

A little extra: They have an inaccessible side that can make a vague echoes buried snobbery, I admit.

Its price: € 1,730.

If I had to choose a color other than black? I did not spot the other color.


My problem with this brand it’s legitimacy. Even if the pants looks top of the picture, I think it’s very expensive for a brand that is known for denim.

I have found anywhere! he seems pretty good and the picture he looks well cut, but seriously € 1,200 in Victoria Beckam that there are still three years found himself topping the list of all fashion-faux pas, c is not psychologically a brake?