Being Comfortable with Being Plus Size

“You have such a pretty face, it’s a shame.”.”You saw what state you are, you let yourself go!”. Losing weight is a matter of will and obviously you do not have any. “.” You get a gift if you lose weight, if no release this weekend. “.” If you get in plugs to be big, at least lose weight for your children!”…. all these phrases we have heard them all and all throughout our lives. our surroundings are we to lose weight and makes us feel guilty … How their to understand that this is not so simple?

Around us, sometimes from a very young age, we have not stopped hearing comments about our weight. It would be so nice if we were not so large, it would be like if we were not so large, it would be a better daughter / mother / wife if it was thinner, etc… Everything is always better for us if we were more thin… We’re still a few kilos to meet others!

That answer them when we, for the most part, we are also convinced that life would be much rosier if we were less round?

Attention, it is not to glorify obesity but if they were given some order in our ideas and in those around us?

Take her curves because nobody weighs the weight he wants!

To begin, we must get into his head that nobody weighs the weight he wants. We are all genetically programmed to weigh a certain weight. Certainly, one can decide it does not suit us and fight against nature all our life but there is a safe bet that our body we will pay sooner or later.

If in your family everyone is a little round, absolutely useless to enter the 36, it’s a losing battle. Which is proved by scientists, is that the more we play it, the more one takes the medium to long term weight and more especially his health is deteriorating.

That respond to those who say we go on a diet?

The second thing to know is that the plan is a failure in 90% to 95% of cases. Ca, we have to explain to them. To understand these figures, we must know how they are obtained. If it is to lose a few kilos over the short term, this may work, but it’s generally not what one seeks.

When one is overweight or obese, which would be desirable would be to successfully lose weight over the long term. However, all studies show that 5 years, about 100 people who were on a diet 90-95 regained lost weight. Worse, often the repetition schemes result in an incessant yoyo leading our ever higher weight curve. On the other hand, restrictive diets (which diet is not?) Are hazardous to health. Not only do they grow in the long term but they are responsible for deficiencies of potentially serious digestive problems, etc. Worse, what is less known is that major weight loss and weight big occasions cause heart problems! All this to ultimately be always bigger, is it worth it?

You will always have people to answer that if you stop eating you lost weight … Put them these very formal studies (link: Our site) under the nose!

Obesity is not a disease of the will!

The third thing to know is that obesity is a disease referred to as such by the World Health Organization. It is not a disease of the will. Obese people are not monsters laziness passing their days in their couch eating chips! It is a complex disease that is struggling to understand.

Browsing through My-Size in the health section , you will find that a lot of research is underway and we are still far from having clear answers.

The most likely track would tend to evoke an inflammatory problem of adipose tissue (fat). A bit like asthma is a problem of inflammation of lung tissue. Yet no one accuses the asthma of lacking will or be sick! Again, feel free to talk things over with your surroundings. Often ill-informed, you will find that the reactions are different when they know what it is exactly.

Take her curves …

The fourth essential thing is that overweight and obesity are not necessarily synonymous with poor health. Very long time, it was content to calculate the weight / height ratio. What we know today is that what is important is abdominal obesity. It is she who is often responsible for metabolic or cardiovascular problems that are associated with obesity (diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, etc.).

Thus, according to your or lie kilos, the risks are very different. If they are instead located on your hips and thighs, you have less risk of developing health problems if they are accumulated on the upper body (chest). But again, each case is different.

Take care of yourself!

The 5th board is absolutely apply. Take care of yourself ! Take care of yourself inside and out. For starters, do not run away from medical offices. When you have a problem, do the ostrich is often the worst attitude ever! Weigh yourself once or twice a month. Follow your obsession without weight curve. If stable, even a little high, see your doctor but do not worry. However, if it continues to rise, know that what you had your last kilo and the previous will you take the next and the next. Obesity is a chronic disease, you have to take care and not let the kilos accumulate. This is the key to your good health.

Pamper yourself: hairdresser, skin care, clothing, makeup. It’s not because you’re round that you are not beautiful. You will see that if you are more sure about you, you feel pretty, people look at you differently! Seeing you, they will not see a “big”, but a fulfilled woman to whom they want to go.

And sport in that?

Finally, do not neglect exercise. It is one of the keys to good health. Again My-Size regular updates on activities suitable even if it is very round. A more muscular body is a body that consumes more energy and burn more calories, but it is also a body that will be less subject to osteoarticular risks related to obesity! And if you engage in physical activity, your surroundings will not tell you anything!

You may be thinking that all this will not change the remarks that one can make.Try it really! Raise your head, you’re guilty of anything. Explain, pamper yourself, take care of you and smile. You will see that in fulfilling your curves your life will be very different!