Beauty of Female Curves

The Scene asked four bloggers Americans talking about their weight and especially bring down stereotypes that women are still victims. A very positive message that we wanted to relay to you.

The campaigns celebrating the beauty round women multiply more and more on social networks. Despite the fight led fronts of many models by size-Ashley Graham in the lead-the clichés about women in the generous forms persist in society. The collective The Scene, which makes videos on topics of news on their Youtube Channel, focused on curvy women and gave the floor to four bloggers more size who assume their forms: Sarah, Kelly, Margie and Kristina. They evoke no holds barred their weight and their place in today’s society. Prejudices, self-confidence, realities on their morphology, they talk about everything and make a set point on the reality of being a woman in 2016. Finally, clichés about the rounds fall and frankly that’s good!

“Big is not a dirty word”

In this video called “These 7 things that women want to tell you”, The Scene points the finger of the truths about women more size in order to counter prejudices that persist. And the bloggers start strong with this sentence of Sarah Conley: “big, this isn’t a dirty word.” The tone is set. Sarah dédiabolise the term “fat”, too often regarded as pejorative: “people like to use the word”fat”as a weapon and sometimes I say it loud and clear and people jump, but that’s what I am.Yes, I have a mirror. I’m not stupid, but doesn’t mean I’m less human than another.””

In turn, the fashionistas twist neck to prejudices and come quickly to talk about their privacy: “our emotional lives are fine.” Four women say they have never encountered any problems with men, who instead love their curves!

And if ever a man asked to lose weight, it’s out of the question for them to lose a gram for someone else. After all, as they say “the round girls want to lose weight not all” and they feel good about their bodies, why change? To make others happy? Out of the question!

And sometimes, the term “plus size” sounds excluding, according to these bloggers, it’s an expression that allows women to identify themselves and to be recognized in the world of fashion. “Plus size, it’s a term that helps us.” say. But despite a presence more visible in the fashion sphere, they feel however, that “shopping remains very difficult.” Kelly also says that it has been very difficult for her to find a dress over the 38. A good sad fact!

Full of self-confidence, these bloggers still recalled the look of others could be difficult, as the remarks, they face on a daily basis. And they ask the attackers, “to keep [their] comments for [them].” A final update to criticism they receive on social networks.

We want more women in the media!

And these bloggers also want to deliver a message: we have to round in the media models! While today ‘ today, they graze all 30s, young women confide had no model that they looked like when they were teenagers. “When you see someone who looks like you, you think you’re good enough!”: a gap that could create a lack of confidence in these future women but that, on the contrary, strengthened and has inspired to lead by example!