Beautiful Curvy Calendar 2016: Not A Stereotypical Image Of Women

The beautiful curvy calendar for 2016, one initiative by Barbara Cameron in Italy, makes for much attention again. Why? This isn’t a usual calendar with photos of perfect and unapproachable women are not the reality. Rather, it involves a realism message which reminds of the value and uniqueness of every woman every month. This is done through the presentation of sensual woman’s body, which shows the respective individuality and personality. The theme of the beautiful curvy calendar is not a stereotypical ideal of beauty, that, as so often, is far away from reality.

Beautiful Curvy Calendar – Sensual And Real

This dream realized thanks to the constant and tireless work of Barbara Cameron and marriage supper-editor and fashion correspondent of international magazines in its portal you created to support a new address for the depiction of this curvy world women, to feel comfortable in their own skin. She is also all women to the page as personal shoppers tips on practical and fashionable. So, every woman can discover their best side and show.

A Success Story: The Beautiful Curvy Calendar Is There For The Fourth Time

The fourth edition of the calendar shows different groups of curvy women who claim their place in society as a team. As a model, men and also a “real” couple faced the camera next to women also plus size. The fashion photographer Stefano Bidini has always been with much personal commitment to support the project and loves to photograph the women in their natural beauty. To see normal women who do not necessarily have anything to do with the world of fashion, for it but is a dream, once a day as a plus size model poses. The Milan makeup artists of the Aegyptia school and the star hairdresser Sebastiano Attardo, founder of Imago salons, the young casting winners turned into accomplished stars.

The professional team will open a window and shows a realistic picture of today’s woman, consisting of different types and body shapes. The message is clear: no matter how different are these women and their bodies, they’re all nice to look at.Therefore, they should be shown, accepted and loved. The beautiful curvy calendar 2016 represents a positive image of women world that conveys self love as the most important love. The individual body shape moves in the background, while the personal well-being in the body in the foreground. As a result disappear frustrations or negative comparisons. A dynamic shooting, that shows women of different ages, backgrounds and scope are accompanied by male bodyguards and convey this important statement for the first time together:

Acceptance And Appreciation

Various Italian and French sponsors have this project “beautiful curvy calendar” supports, for example of big and tall (importer of foreign fashion companies in Italy), Bon Prix, Christie’s (shapewear and swimwear), Max Fort (menswear), Impronte by Parah (swimwear), Sophia Curvy (new curvy collection), Sara Borghi (tights), Kiabi (French online shop) and wonderfull (Bustier).

Curvy Revolution And Curvy Pride

Barbara Cameron is a curvy revolution that has the acceptance of different images of women to the target. It is also a concern to support the curvy pride movement by Marianna Lo Preiato you so. She called this movement in Bologna three years ago, the women on the Street go and be involved in interactive events. This message 2012 took place already in the first beautiful curvy calendar their place and also again in the 2016er calendar.

Common things can be moved and changed, on the set of shooting as well as in real life!

Calendar there are the beautiful curvy free online to download. If you want to hang out the beautiful pictures on the wall, you can do this here . The printed edition will cost 10 euros plus postage.