Beard, Tattoo, Piercing, Plussize Model: Meet Claus Fleissner!

Mr. extra inches, plus Size blogger Claus Fleissner, you’ve met already the. Beard, tattoos, piercing and plus size model and blogger – learn more about this interesting personality can read here and get to know Claus Fleissner times different pages in our interview.

Hi Claus Fleissner – where you want to live?

I live where I want to – live in Frankfurt am Main. I grew up in a suburb and studied in Wiesbaden – but always admired the city with its skyline and never left its orbit. Since 2007, I’m finally directly in Frankfurt. I had some ways – for example, to study or to leave the Rhein-Main area, through job offers, decided but always against it. I like to travel and much, look at to other cities and countries. Frankfurt is a perfect starting point. In Frankfurt, I love the simplicity. In itself it is a village that has disguised himself as a world city. We have passed much out – on-the-main and in street cafes – modern high-rise buildings, beautiful old buildings, and Frankfurt is multicultural. My love for the city comes even under the skin! I have a tattoo also motifs from Frankfurt are incorporated into it.

What is the perfect earthly happiness?

Health, job satisfaction, and the good sense of people who like me, appreciate and love to be around. Clearly it would be great, to have tons of money and is to be able to afford everything what you want – but it mattereth not.

What is important for a positive first impression?

An open way! I think it’s always important to feel interest. A dismissive attitude creates a negative impression.

If the question refers to clothing, so it is always situational. I’m going to a job interview, I make sure that my clothes to the company or the customer is adapted, not over – and not underdressed. In a private setting, this is pretty irrelevant. Clearly, clothing provides for a first impression, but just through clothing you can also hide the human being who is behind this, show so possibly a picture, that’s not true.Therefore a kind of open and alert are here much more important, no matter what she is wearing to.

Which musician/singer has a good style?

Absolute fashion icons of the music industry are a Justin Timberlake with his casual suits from street style and smart-casual. On the other hand Pharell Williams, who assembles itself absolutely impossible combinations to a perfect and bold look. He is colorful, flashy, striking, but has a kind of so unconventional that whole extremely relaxed convey. Absolutely amazing! I find very cool but also the Rocky noble style of Lenny Kravitz! That is not something I would nachtsylen even for me, rather, but I like the way he combines the different styles and materials.Most tragbarsten and extremely casual I find the look by Mark Forster, a German singer and songwriter (he is the song “au revoir”). Jeans, T-Shirt, Cap – relaxed but well dressed.

How to recognize good style on people?

On the way, as he or she something to bear. You can’t buy style with money. So often it happens that people confuse style with designer labels. But even the trendiest part can act quickly as a Panel, if the institution has no style. Also a jogging pants with a jacket can be combined so with style and taste, that of one even fits. Because that is the most important: you cannot copy style, you have to find his own style – inspired by all possible influences -. Finally, good manners are among a good style, and that you have correctly and adequately can behave in every situation.

What do you like most about your job?

My main job as content manager: My team! In the serious, good colleagues are more than half the battle for the job! Finally, you spend a large part of the day with these people! I’m very glad that I have great colleagues around me! My job in itself is a good mix of bureaucracy and creativity.

As a blogger: I’m still fresh in the blogger-business, but it’s so much fun! Starting with the outfit selection, about the shooting with the selected pieces up to the writing of the blog posts. Especially great, it is of course, if you get nice feedback for a new post! Fashion is fun for me and it, and I am pleased if I get compliments for my art to attract me, possibly with my postings men something can encourage others plus size more to be trusted.

What do you like most about you?

I quite like my shoulders, try to emphasize with my clothes. Also I quite like my calves. You make what here especially to the Oktoberfest in costume.

Her favorite Designer? Why?

I don’t really wear designer high fashion, rather ordinary clothes from well-known chains… so I have no real favorite designers, more brands that I like to wear. These include mainly adidas, Nike, ASOs , and Fred Perry. But I have a little low for a special label, namely Louis Vuitton bags and accessories. Wen I find human absolutely awesome is Guido Maria Kretschmer. I had through my participation at shopping Queen 2014 also lucky enough to meet him personally. The parts that he’s doing for women, are really beautiful!

Your favorite color?

Up-to-date grayclothing! Sounds completely unspectacular, but I like gray extremely happy, especially because you can combine very well with each other just different shades of gray without having to bite the tones! Pattern also always go well in grey! Also, I am very happy very colorful sneakerthat come on gray very well. Otherwise, I like denim in all possible shades of blue! My favorite color of but Purple is in General.

Your favorite garment?

Currently a real thick pullover with a huge shawl collar and an asymmetrical hem. I can pull to unfortunately rarely, because it is very hot, so not for the Office. Somewhat for walks or to the snuggle on the couch. My favorite part of fashionable but is a grey blue Louis Vuitton scarf, I have received gift from my husband for his birthday last year. It is a very special piece for me.

What would be your last meal?

A tender, grilled beef tenderloin steak. Rheinischer Sauerbraten with potato dumplings (according to the recipe from my mother, who is from Cologne). A schnitzel with Frankfurt green sauce. In the sequence. I like it rather hearty as sweet, so I pass on the dessert.

What would you like to invented?


Your current state of mind, Claus Fleissner?

Somewhere between Hibernate and spring fever, but full of anticipation about what will happen in 2016. In my life, at work, with my blog, and modeling. I hope it will be exciting.

Please complete the sentence: fashion is…

… Fun! As well as the perfect way to express themselves, to carry his emotional state, to present how to be or how you want to be.