Beach Waves: To Manage the Look

Casual beach waves bring not only beach feel in everyday life, but are also very easy to imitate. We’ll show you three variants – beach waves with salt spray, beach waves overnight and beach waves with the straightening iron. Plus: Our favorite looks for short, medium length and long hair

No matter, whether in the Office, to the garden party, or at the beach bar: Beach waves are the perennial favorite at the summer hairstyles. Finally, the hair with the slight curls not only look good, but are still super quickly made. We introduce three methods, as you quite simply after can style natural waves in the domestic bathroom.

1. Beach waves with the salt spray

Duration: 3 minutes

What you need for styling: A salt spray that gives the hair a wavy texture and grip. So, when you have spent a day at the beach. Our favorites, see the gallery.

As you go: The salt spray in damp or dry hair, spread in the length. Who would have easy, precise shaft, nibbled individual strands around itself. The entire hair is vigorously kneaded for a very casual look. Dry the hair in the air or using a diffuser. Salt sprays have usually a very matte, natural finish. Who wants more shine, attacks concludes to a hair spray with gloss effect.

2. Beach waves overnight

Duration: A night plus 10 minutes for the preparation

What you need for styling: Mousse and hair grips

As you go: Before going to bed the hair slightly wet, knead in some mousse and good comb through. Now, individual strands are separated and twisted around itself. Finally two strands are catty with each other and stuck to the conclusion with a hair clip. The next morning to the brackets and the shaft with your fingers loosened up, finished! See the complete instructions in the video!


3. Beach waves with the curling iron

Duration: 20 minutes

What you need for styling: Heat protection and a curling iron

As you go: Wrap the hair strand strand from the outside inwards to the curling iron. Then, the waves are combed out with a hair comb. Finally some Hairspray to fix, ready! There are additional tips in the video tutorial.

Beach waves are for everyone! For even more styling inspiration, we will show you our favorite looks for all hair lengths.