Bd-Day! Beth Ditto Brings Its First Plus Size Fashion Collection Out

Here it is: the fashion collection of gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto. You and Jean Paul Gaultier have been long friends and have often already made for Eddy. For example, as Jean Paul Gaultier brought the charismatic Beth Ditto 2011 in his fashion show and singing, she presented his fashion. Then late last year again with a jointly designed T-Shirt. The probably most famous garment, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier was inspiration for the T-Shirt: the lace bra of the Madonna for her “Blonde Ambition” tour in 1990 did. The T-Shirt was a foretaste of the rest of the collection, which is a combination of various “tones”: according to, classic, edgy, woman. In any case, it is clear: shrill and loud patterns and bright colors are as much part of the plus size clothing line as more subtle cuts and nuances. The Beth Ditto collection is available today on the Web site of the singer our site.

Fashion Such As Beth Ditto

The skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, denim jackets, leggings and T-Shirts to the buxom plus size models Barbie Ferreira, Philomena Kwao and of course Beth Ditto are presented. The story behind this collection is drawn from a life between conventional and not beloved tent-like fashion, second hand shops and designers, who apparently know little about curvy body. It was a huge adventure to design her own collection and to bring out for Beth Ditto. It will not of course a stay.

Beth Ditto says to her fashion line: “fashion for plus size women who deserve to love their bodies and their clothes.” Women who have access also want to high-quality materials and high-quality workmanship – as with other collections. Something beyond from the “over cheap throwaway fashion”, which is placed over us.