Barbie Has A New Body

We hardly believe our eyes: on the current cover of TIME magazine the well-known and often-criticized Barbie doll is pictured. Only something is different here, and this can be seen already in the corresponding heading. There is “Now we can stop talking about my body?” – “Now we can stop to talk about my body?” In addition, a Barbie with a unusual round silhouette is depicted. She has belly, butt and hips – far. First, we have to say “WOW”. The Barbie maker Mattel has released in fact collection a new Barbie, which comes to the aspect of ‘Diversity’.

Barbie Got Curves – And A Few Extras

In a world where body image has become a prominent issue in the Barbie’s standing body for a long time the focus of the criticism, Mattel has finally taken the decisive step. The company has designed a collection where there are Barbies in different versions: in addition to different skin tones, hair colors, eye colors and hair styles also different body shapes, sizes, and more. This magazine thinks the TIME is right to the biggest change in the 57jährigen history of the slender doll. It was indeed time. Barbie has a new body!

Plus Size Barbie Opens The Eye For Beauty

Actually, she got three new bodies. In addition to the classic slim Barbie, as we you since our childhood know, there they now also in short, tall and curvy. For Mattel, that is at the pulse of time to stay and open the eye for the beauty. It was long clear for all of us that corresponded to the unnatural built women with WaSP waist, not the reality, and the more we glad that diversity in the beauty now finds its place in the nursery and in the end, the kids see that beauty is diverse.

So the new look plus size Barbie collection out.

According to TIME, all new dolls will be called Barbie, but it is the curvy – with something more on the thighs and the round belly and Po – which marks the major change to the notorious body of the world. Mattel’s design team about two years it took to create the new dolls. There are currently only online to buy the new plus size Barbie.

Learn the new Barbie dolls and know above all things plus size Barbie. The video “the evolution of Barbie” by Mattel shows how the world of Barbie has changed. Our favorite quote in the video is “there isn’t the narrow standard of what beauty looks like!” (There are not these limited standards for beauty.) Check it out!