Barbie By Ashley Graham Has Thick Thighs Like Plus Size Model

Ashley Graham, the American model plus size who has already stamped consecrated magazine covers, such as Sports Illustrated, closely watched the production and assembly of her Barbie. 

With curves inspired by the top, the doll was produced at the California headquarters of Mattel, a company that has been manufacturing Barbies since 1959.

In a video produced by Glamor magazine of the United States ( see here), the model followed all the processes of creation and modeling that made up the doll. Attentive to the choice of hair strands and definition of the features of the face of her miniature version, Ashley was surprised to know that even her lingerie would be reproduced to compose the look of the novelty.

The surprise of the model when giving the lingerie of Barbie | Glamorous reproduction

In the video, it is still possible to check the model’s request for modeling: “I asked the thighs to touch each other.” The observation was made in an attempt to avoid the traditional gap between the legs of Barbie, a feature present only in very thin and longiline bodies.

A model when conferring the final result | Glamor Play

In announcing the final design of her doll, at Glamor magazine’s annual awards, Ashley’s first impulse was to see if the request had been met. As she lifted her small skirt, she exclaimed to the audience, “The thighs touch! Yeah!