Balance Workout

I knew it, I knew it: scented candles alarm in row two. The type of stands is determined “to the Nobbi”. Such types always put an article in front of their name when they imagine and ignite to dates in which there are vegan food, so müffelndes of stuff.

Yes, yes, I blaspheme good, other day I would have almost from the fashion police at Urban Street Dance Arrested today but you could also find 80% of the participants stuck in the fashion jail. Including me, incidentally. Labbershirt, worn out leggings, red socks. But this is also not “Style yourself fit with Heidi,” but what with balance.

We shall stand for now. Just standing. And feel. The Standing. So feel like we are like that. Nobbi makes the same course to the eye. I look first if there is something to note here, in the standing position. Does not seem to be the case.
So I make the eyes and feel. In particular, I feel it my aching muscles before calves, but I am unsure if the part of the program.

Then we should easily lift one leg with eyes closed and feel again, feel, feel. Then the other leg. “Rums” behind me is an upset. I just opened my eyes before I lost my balance. Maybe that’s a sign that I can not get involved in the relaxation and my inner self me, but I just rather than falling. We are all educated people that certain cultural techniques mastered here. Stand around and fall, the need to be? Hm maybe I have not understood it.

Anyway. Now we have to consciously breathe, stand, close your eyes and make it again with his legs. Hm well, I will not say that I always need action, but maybe I’m just not as “the Nobbi” today.

Here are some stretching exercises, in which we are aware of pure breathe in the Dehung. That is, in view of my sore muscles, not so bad and definitely something that I would not have done alone, since I prefer to put me lazy in the hot tub.

Then it goes to the ground. My favorite exercise: lie and feel. Take five minutes we should lie on your back and feel and I was half asleep when it was uneasy around me. We changed the position and went on all fours. Here we should alternately stretching each an arm and a leg.

But since we do not found ourselves in the back course, but in Balance course, than the mere strengthening ran the whole addition to another exercise. The premier was in fact, raise the arm and leg of the same side, while the body but not unfold, but to keep a straight back on all fours.

Sounds easy? Then you’re either Nobbi which it has of course, hammer out thanks to its conscious breathing and Feel, or you have not tried it yet.

The Nobbi is the way Ronald and has awarded me courage that I as well hinbekomme again. Ronald is, nevertheless even this name all worlds anwirft in my head movies, ok. On the way out he gefuttert a Bifi and drove away on a motorcycle. Well not a vegan. But hey Bifi! White does not because, what is there?

Conclusion Balance Workout:
There was in my life been times, for example, in great sorrow, because such a thing would be just right or maybe even too much for me. If the price would be different in time, the stretching exercises would be a very good thing after another course, otherwise I do not too much feeling and too little doing. The principle I understood, but I did not really fun.

Anyone can do and who is just starting his sporting activities, perhaps should looking around for such a course. It helps more here, to get to know your own body, as to train him “only”.

Is not there actually. It’s just a matter of taste and a question of the current state if the exercises do a good or not.