“Back To The Future’ Retro-Style With Silver Jeans Plus Size

It continues with our special offer for the keyword “Jeans plus size”. This outfit in the retro-look with a Silver Jeans controls Silvana thinkers that you’ve already met our blog posts from or with their Gatot know action perhaps even from the press.

“I’m focused on photographer and plus size model.” Nevertheless I told to immediately when I got the request to participate in the outfit challenge by feeling for form. I wear just enjoy beautiful outfits and I like challenges. In my job as a plus size model and photographer, I have regularly with fashion to do, but so intense from another page I had dealt previously still don’t.

As someone who has usually no jeans – except very rare times this very thin with high stretch content (that fit even if it has taken 10kg 😉 – was I of course initially a little bit at a loss when I learned that the theme of jeans would be.) But as written above, I like Yes challenges. So, I waited quite looking forward to the good piece.

Jeans Plus Size – Marty Mcfly Style

Indeed, and differently than expected, occurred to me but quite quickly, how I could combine the oversized jeans, because I only had a chicponcho in mustard-yellow black Houndstooth pattern me in the autumn, which fits perfectly, because the seams of jeans in the same color palette can be found. This challenge was also a good opportunity to be able to inaugurate my hat that I had never worn.

With Brown boots to a look was breathed on it easily in Western look. Involuntarily had to I think;) on Marty McFly in back to the future III.

Also, if a little bit tight jeans in the abdominal area is sitting (Yes not so long been ok, Christmas), I’m generally surprised how well I like her. She has a regular seat, is quality – I’m sure she is not so quickly fray on the insides of the thighs, like some other pants – and she looks really good.

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