Away with It!

Do you know that, too? Spring is coming and you want to somehow reinvent. At least get rid of the old shell. Cases in the form of thick boots, scarves and hats at all the whole shebang, the so surrounds and annoying one. It was indeed now a lot indoors and sometime with me No more cozy.

I personally so moments, I have to use. It occurs, again a different mood in which I can not separate myself. So, not questioning and out with it.

Meanwhile, I call it not muck, but hides. And that I do with System, otherwise I verheddere me.

These are my rules:

I do it by feel.

There is this rule by one year so all I can not sign but. There are things that I did not take five years but when I see them, I remember having a good time.

If I want to give away a part, I make sure to come up the thoughts and feelings in me. Are the good, I think by again, they are neutral, I wonder if I really need, they are negative, the decision is easy.

My ancient bowl that already has tears, is still with me. It was one of my first things that I bought at a flea market for my first home. Actually, she would have gone, but as long as does not leak out, it remains.

My first Anna Scholz dress that I wore a summer stays. I will also this summer rarely wear, but it just depends too much on it.

But go many clothes that I do not like so that are too hot, too short, too long, too transparent to sackig, too tight – just some “to” have. That’s enough for negative emotions.

The rule is thus: negative feeling = out. Everything a “to” has out =. The “yes-no-knows-not” clothes usually have a blemish. A blazer indeed has a trendy color, me the color trend but simply not available, so it has a “to”.

The “you really need the” rule then has almost no longer be applied.

So I proceed:

1) Clothing:

All at once, that does not work. First, the clothes are off. On the hanging rail is what I in clothes centrifugal sell. For many buyers, there is still a little goodie to so I’ll nail polishes, towels and other small items with going and other great deals. In a laundry basket is what I Oxfam admit. When I shop keeper on clothes gyro that some time later come back there.

This initiative is organized by volunteers and there is in any city stores that accept everything. There the goods are sold and delivered to social projects. For me, a much better thing than the Altkleiderboxen. I’m never sure who there still enriched so everything. Before anyone asks, my clothes are too big for the wardrobe of refugee assistance)

Thereafter, every drawer, every board, every box, everything is in my bedroom so, opened and checked. This season does not get a shoe box full of fashion jewelry from me Oxfam.

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  1. Books and CDs:

Here I proceed similarly. For this I take equal my phone in my hand and call the momox app. Momox is a provider on the Internet, CDs, books, DVDs and mobile phones buys. With the app, I can directly scan the code and the app shows me what I would get for it. I set before an amount I want. For example, 2 Euro per CD. For some, there are 5 €, for others only 0.20 cents. So then I make an average. From 10 Euro purchase value to get a shipping label and sends the stuff away. If everything is in order, the money will be transferred a few days later.

I had already times that something was wrong. In the case you will be contacted and asked whether one agrees with a new price. If not, send a the things that were not OK, back. Momox is a huge company and not incidentally profit.

The things for which I get nothing, go straight to Oxfam. I put my things but often directly to a list off the stairwell. This is nice if a neighbors later tell how they found my books and that they continue to give it.

Books and CDs incidentally also accept the Bücherhallen. They are mostly used for a garage sale. The proceeds will be put back into books. Also a good thing.

  1. Technology:

You do not believe what you can get on a cable. I recently had sold an adapter that has really brought what. So it is worthwhile to also offer things of which you do not really know what they are good.

That you no longer need, you often do not notice. Only if you take opens these boxes and drawers and wonders what accumulates way.

Nevertheless, I am a big fan of the digital revolution, I hate that equipment must be re-acquired continuously, otherwise it will not work. And I always wait until it’s double trouble. It would therefore, in comparison to other, be very little.

For the technology stuff I usually ebay. Although I find the surface bad. Worst-usabillity-website-ever to mention in the same breath with t mobile. Tip: the mobile app is much more convenient to operate.

All the stuff you will be going on there well. Like it via eBay Classifieds. So I (almost) had a good experience. Then, when such a nerd comes to and asks whether the “thingy” (which I did not know that there is a whatnot) should be sold and one more thing buys, which was supposed in the yellow bin, it is really nice ,

Again, I make it so that what is not sold, other still exploited. For the technology stuff I drive in a socially department store. While this only goes so on beding because some also need to make profits, but still better than the recycling center.

  1. The great things:

Alone, because I do not disassemble a shelf, will drag down and transport, I’ll come to my buyers. About Classifieds, Stuffle or Shpock. A few months ago a couple was with me who wanted to buy my bed for her daughter. The father has dismantled the thing in 15 minutes, with the mother, I drank tea then they dragged down there and packed in their station wagon. All four were happy.

Incidentally, this also works vice versa. When I look for something, I look first if it does not want to get rid of someone. When I stand in Ikea and some think is great, I look only who that just sold. This often goes on when not on ebay then on one of the flea market apps that I installed.

Only in clothes it is not so simple. Who what cool is in the size of 52, there is not soon restored. Incidentally, there are also XXL flea markets (if you still which know, I always take them all on)

That is why muck well

Firstly, I had mentioned that I call hides it so I feel. If everything is neat and clean again, I also feel tidy. If my wardrobe is airy again, I feel lighter. Incidentally, it is much easier in the morning to take a little stocked wardrobe something as crowded a.

I think it’s good to know what is in the boxes on the ground and what. In each drawer this makes it easier somehow my life, sharpens my senses and I feel free.

The second aspect is the recycling. Giving back again into the circulation for several years is my philosophy. I also always look only in the basement when I need something, if I can rooms a new shelf not from two boxes and some paint before I household with something new. But be careful here too much stuff can accumulate. Each piece of wood must not keep you. The experience I made yesterday.

So right in the trash is almost nothing that is not anyone can use. And it can always someone use a little and there is always someone who has not yet read the detective stories of Henning Mankell, even if it is hard to imagine. My neighbor has now anyway reading material for the whole year.

So and now I have time just in the basement, stow the empty clothes rail.