ASHUA Curve Size: My Impress Es

Everybody knows I’m transparent made crystal and I speak what I really think without fear of what people will think. That said, I’m going to do a critical analysis in this post of the newest ASHUA brand plus size of Renner. First of all everyone knows I love the Renner and alive leaving my money there because almost every week I post something from there. It’s the most expensive department store of all, in my opinion, but also where else I can find clothes that have to do with my style. Sometimes frustrated me to see beautiful things that don’t fit, but patience, as this is one of the biggest dilemmas of any fat woman. Renner never paid me to talk about it, I never did “relationship” with me or sent me looks, nothing. I am saying

all this because I want to make it quite clear that whatever I’m going to write is what I really think and remember I’m immersed and working on the plus size market since 2008 – when he had no name. – and I have a basis for saying so.

In the morning I was surprised by a gift from ASHUA because today was the day of the launch of the brand that is only sold online. I opened the package and I came across a denim shirt and a skirt of suede caramel, evasê, just the way I love! The mark knew the style of clothing that I liked: must have studied in my profile and sent something that really pleased me. I got the items, noticed the fabrics, cut and experienced. I found everything very well made, well cut and trim. Wore clothes well. The modeling is not huge, I dressed according to the size I’m using, so if you are purchasing look at the table of measures. I think the sizes need to be reviewed because it is small to plus size, but let’s see if they’re going to rethink that. The jeans of shirt is tight, tasty and thicker: winter and it’s one of those pieces that you’ll use for years because it’s not going to wear with 10 washed, definitely not. The skirt has won my heart of man and dressed like a glove: graceful, comfortable and perfect length. I closed the box pleased because the pieces were according to Renner I I know and both use and then ran to the site to see the rest of the collection. I loved the parts and I was quite surprised, because the proposal is wonderful: you will find basic parts to assemble several looks fashionable and trendy to work out and for the day to day and now tell me: isn’t that what everybody wants? Or you go on a job interview wearing a dress printed with water pan of cherry? Of course, depending on where you are working you can wear a dress like that, but it’s the exception and for that there are segmented brands that do well the work of offering a different fashion, youthful and colourful. ASHUA proposal is simple and basic, affordable, chic. If you open the site and examine the pieces, they talk to each other. The collection features synchronicity, a shirt can be used with various other items, and so on. You can make a smart purchase because it has many neutrals, and wildcards, and it lacked in plus size: not all brand launches collections that talk so much among themselves. I want to buy a blouse knowing that it can be used with several pants, skirts and shorts and not as a “uniform” that combines with only one other item from the catalog. Understand that? You can see everything here: Our site.

Why speak of ASHUA?

The plus size in Brazil faces a big problem: people don’t know what they want! I’m not following other blogs and even discussions because I work too much and my free time is worn on my own blog, but I saw some comments from some people criticizing the brand – that evil was released. But what do people want, anyway? Claim is always so easy, right? If a mark does not throw clothes with bug pattern, pin up style dress and cute parts she is “more of the same”. Me, I’m one of the bloggers most adult “teen” in time to get dressed and living color clothes printed with cute pin up style and know that this type of clothing is sold by SEGMENTED brands. Each one has your specialty and the proposal is to offer modern clothes, ASHUA wildcards, timeless and versatile so women can dress well, paying a price more accessible – because the clothes are more into account than most of the pieces sold for plus size stores online, it’s no use saying no, and is fully consistent with the price of the clothes of the Renner , which is the most expensive department store on the market and everyone knows that. Good clothes, good fabric and trim costs, you know. I have already written 500 times, but I’m going to repeat: plus size clothes is more expensive because the modellers cannot have the same use of tissue in conventional clothing and material is wasted; will more, more, more, and there’s everything to insure great waste. For example: If in 1 meter of fabric cut off 2 skirts of conventional grid, they will be able to cut only a skirt plus size Grill and all the rest of that tissue is wasted. The calculations are other and frankly, doing sets is expensive! If you want to understand about jail sets, read my other text here: Our site.

If you want to complain and criticize fashion, before leaving storming around have basement for you. It’s very simple “stick your Dick” without understanding the whole process that happens behind the scenes. Now I’m going to draw, for those who do not understand: Renner had nothing plus size, nothing. I was wondering when you would enter the store and find a rack plus size. Today I almost fell of the legs because, in fact, they were much further: I passed how long studying this market to launch a brand and not a Macaw with half a dozen clothes as we find in most department stores. ASHUA Web site only I told more than 90 items. N-O-V-E-N-T-A! Now tell me what department store did you find all this plus size clothing? I can’t tell if they’re going to open stores ASHUA or if we will find items of her own future in Renner but if I find out warning you for sure! Another detail hyper important: Renner bothered to create a new brand, developing a strategy of branding and positioning because it invested in this market, not to play “make a buck” and I believe that will grow very ASHUA. Now, you see the difference? Did you ever see the movie they made to announce the arrival of the mark? See the message he transmits and understand what it is to get a real job! I felt fairly represented by the concept and hope to see in future more robust models and grid with more sizes: remember that they are releasing the mark TODAY and things take time to progress, after all they need to feel how are sales and the receptivity of people.

Another thing that I find very important is the conscious consumption. A woman who gives value to your money will worry about “build” a wardrobe with neutral parts, wildcards and can be combined with the most varied forms, not a stereotypical way, looking always uniform. And another: you need to learn how to develop your own style and not become a “fashion victim” who only knows how to use a look copied catalogs. Know when that blouse just work with that? This purchase is not smart and what we need, increasingly, is of items that would allow us to create a wide range of combinations in transit in different styles and ASHUA parts do it, but who does not work with fashion and does not have a critical view doesn’t realize that face: all you can do is complain and say it is more of the same , which is not new. I repeat: people want to wear what, anyway?

I like influencer, fashion industry and professional communication, woman, fat, Blogger and a consumer I mean to Renner, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for a ASHUA! Thank you for making it easy, with study, with a cute and representative position, which causes us to feel understood and accepted; Thank you for creating beautiful clothes that match each other, which have good quality and trim; Thank you for thinking about us, and for facilitating the payment methods – you can buy the card Renner and pay in up to 7 x (Oh Lord). You were there! Don’t listen to the negative comments because people talk, talk, talk and doesn’t know what he’s saying. I just hope that in future we can find ASHUA’s clothes in stores because it’s a delight to be able to get, view, try and get home on time and you have demand for lots of cute to further enhance the grade because there are a lot of people dressing more than 52 and can’t find nice clothes to wear. You started on the right foot and I’m sure we will see more beautiful things come from you. I loved the Renner before, now I love unconditionally.

And remembering: I didn’t get 1 cent to write this text and I don’t have any pretension to him: in the same way that when I need to criticize I criticize, when to compliment I also don’t measure words. And I’ve been saying!