Two years later, the same heat and I am looking for an easy blouse to hide her arms. Then I remembered: it you’ve got written time and since you warste it out a little further…. Yesterday it went armfrei to a garden party and once I put on my new tunic. That catches me again … maybe it’s someone similar, here again the text from 2014: …..

Holly cow! The products to new femininity has hit like a bomb, and I have lost count how many times he was linked. The click-through rates are in any case officially, your comments have me very happy and also spurred on to I DO to shoot THE action good imagery.
Last week I had the Fashion Blogger Café visited, the times took place in this Tempelhof harbor. A great setting for a shoot. Since to behind I stand:

Meanwhile, I’m about two weeks on the practice with the free arms and I love it!!! A whole new world sets off for me. Meanwhile I have FOUR new sundresses with spaghetti straps (which are also much cheaper) hah!

I leave a long history behind me

Say, the cellulite is because of your upper arms? No, that has not asked me, but I thought it was when I was training in my sport course the very first time with free arms. I think it is even so a iih bäääh, but the feeling of freshness prevailed at length because outside it was 26 degrees and we had a window on…

That was with my upper arms somehow always so and each Runaway, certain things on (or take off), I can totally understand that. I take the sleeve was to go as naked and exactly one noticed and therefore the image was not consistent and I felt even worse. Until recently, I assumed the clothes industry I has allied with the sweater industry and therefore omitted the sleeves so that they also can sell a sweater to each armfreien dress.

I was always so warm!

Then, the first warm days come in this year and I pretty thick bundled up in my 3/4 arm in the sports course, where all wore only so little mini Dings. Apart from the fact that was warm to me, it looked strange, like I had a thick jacket. Next time, we still had 26 degrees and I made up my courage. The things that I had previously only worn as an undershirt, I moved easily to so and (very clever of me) took nothing! Sixty minutes I could see myself with my arms in the mirror. I have pretty broad shoulders, I noticed it, but I will probably be even less able to saw.

Then I saw this thing and wanted to have it. At first I thought of the many ways use it under a blazer to provide examples. An entirely without, I’ve only thought as it was here then. Something called the way Camisole. I did not know, had since been no need.

I am very sun sensitive, which is why I also I DO provides DAS posting about bikini against a real challenge. Of course, I could have waited until my arms are flatter brown, only that can take real and also not occur. Or I could have Computer Arts that I would find inappropriate and I’m there anyway so bad there that the images are much better very pure.

After a little while already, I felt great and would also like anything else put on in the summer than in which I feel comfortable. A shirt arm I just need for too much sun.

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