Anna Scholz For Sheego

Oh, what was that for a beautiful day!With many wonderful women I spent pleasant hours here some ‘The George’, in my favourite hotel in Hamburg, where we not only look at the → collection by Anna Scholz for sheego and touch, but also try to could, to be then styled and photographed in our favorite part. I rejoice as small ramp sow always events with photo shoots, I think it’s also getting really exciting as other people behind the camera to set a scene, but that only on the edge. It is also about the wonderful dresses by Anna, who has created actually some favorite pieces.

Our group photo, I’m wearing my second favorite dress – maybe you already guess which is my absolute favorite before you see after the “official” Shootingfoto.I was pretty sharp in Berlin at the fashion show and was happy mad that I was allowed to take it after the event home (we all were allowed to directly wrapped our favourite).

Below you can see a little video of our day, which I find very successful and certainly very good shows, how much fun we had and how much the collection really like all of us, by the way.

Oh, what a wonderful day!I spent a great day with wonderful women in my favorite hotel “The George” here in Hamburg, where we had the chance to see the whole collection of Anna Scholz for sheego, try on our favorite pieces and finally get styled for a shooting. I’m a huge fan of events with shootings, as I’m always curious about how other photographers see me. But let’s get back to Anna’s gorgeous dresses–she actually created many favorites.

I’m wearing my second favorite dress on our group picture – maybe you can already guess which one is my absolute favorite before seeing the official shooting photo. I already fell in love with it in Berlin at the fashion show, and I’m really happy that I could take it home with me after the event (we all could choose our favorite dress and take it home).