Anna Scholz Cook Good Old-Fashioned Chicken Soup

Anna Scholz cooking super tasty meals that are nutritious and beneficial. We are pleased again a recipe from Anna Scholz on our plus size fashion sense of form to present Portal. This time it involves a soup from the good old fashioned variety.

This soothing chicken soup à la Anna Scholz is just right, when the days are getting shorter and the temperatures go down. It warms us through and through and at the same time it strengthens us. For this invigorating soup using best bio products, that contributes to a good taste.


-1 large organic chicken – make sure to take the highest quality. The chicken is better, the broth is better.
-4 carrots
-4 leeks
-1 celeriac
-Salt and pepper
-Optional small noodles, for example letters noodles

Preparation – Chicken Soup À La Anna Scholz

Put the chicken in a large saucepan with two slices sliced carrots, two leeks cut into small pieces and diced celery. Give so much water that everything is covered.
Now let’s bring everything to the boil and scoop up off a portion of the foam with a fine sieve.

Then turn the heat down so that the broth simmering lightly to himself. Let the whole thing simmer approximately two hours.Also, it can be three hours if you have the time to do so.

Take ‘ the chicken and the vegetables from the broth out. The small pieces can be best fish out with a small fine-mesh sieve.The vegetables boiled over come out then. The remaining carrots and leeks chopped into bite-sized pieces and come in the soup.
Finally, do I remove the fine chicken meat from the bones and give it back to the soup.

You can give a handful of small soup noodles to a satiating Variant. Leave for a few minutes in the broth pull them just until they are through.

It is always handy to have this soup in the freezer. As soon as you realize that you have caught a common cold, just something thaw and reheat. It’s much better with a hot cup soup!

Let you taste it!