Amy Schumer Is Angry and Much: “No I Am a Large Size”

Amy Schumer has responded to Glamour and their number dedicated to the “glamour to any length” to include it in the girls that inspire them as Ashley Graham or Melissa McCarthy, Adele. Amy says that she wears a size 6 or 8 (a 38-40 of the Spanish), and the large sizes starting from size 16 (equivalent to a European 46-48), and be considered a large size not you been sitting nothing to actress, as I said on Instagram.

His words are “there is nothing wrong with being a size. Healthy and beautiful women. A large size is a 16 in America. I’m between 6 and 8. Glamour magazine put me on your number dedicated to the plus size without asking me or let me know, and that I do not well laid. Do young women see my body thinking that it is a large size”?

Of course, the body of Amy Schumer It is more curvy than we are accustomed to seeing in Hollywood actresses, but is clear that is not a large size. But judge yourselves.

But is it correct to be bother to be seen in a number that is not dedicated to large carvings, but women matter what your silhouette? It is a case of “I anger and not breathing” and his reaction is excessive? Or is that? We have too much craze to label women for their physical? (“anorexic” when it is very thin, “large size” as has a small lorza).