Alexandra Ehlert: Mermaids Have Zero Size?

Alexandra Ehlert is exactly the right person to ask: “Do mermaids have size zero?” The spirited and curvy redhead is an expert in PR, Bon Vivant, engineer and author. Together with her husband Rüdiger Gamm, numbers genius and mental coach, she brought the book “train your brain. The success secrets of a Gedächtniskünstlers”out. Alex is as versatile as their lives and would prevent belting out quite quickly and clearly on the issue with the size zero mermaids a ‘no’. Why? It operates passionate Mermaiding. MER… what? Yes, you did read correctly: Mermaiding. You often attracts a magical Mermaid fin and elegantly moves through water. We have learned from her what this is to and much more in our interview. Thank you, Alexandra Ehlert.

Interview With The Plus Size Mermaid Alexandra Ehlert

What is perfect earthly happiness for you? Just the time to enjoy with friends, my husband or my own. I am the biggest luxury without any obligation or thought of it simply just the moment to feel and enjoy.

Why should make more people Mermaiding? Oh, of course, there are the health and sporting aspect. Even though it may not look Mermaiding is sports and real, and at the same time also the most beautiful of the world. I see videos of people rushing with costume in the floods, almost daily and I must hold me back them not to get to, that they should first of all care for proper technique. The proper swimming technique is much more important than the right makeup or even a nice silicone fin. In the first few years I told still to do so, but for me it was really important that Mermaiding is properly implemented. After I “savaged” on the net for it (or better: “boned”) was, did I held back me more. Who is however willing to train properly to control also the movements, will be rewarded not only with a strong back, but with a narrower waist. I always notice that if I’m not more often in the water a week during the winter. As all flux a few centimeters it sneak. But above all, it’s fun and happy.Even Jörg Pilawa has said: “After a few minutes you think you would be little.”

What is your favorite piece of clothing? I so can’t tell, spontaneous my wedding dress: but this woman so often attracts 🙂 What must however always with, lives permanently in my suitcase for years and with which I have always what to wear, is my “Wonder dress”. Depending on how I tie this dress, wrap, turn, is always a different outfit.Who, lives as I much out of a suitcase, enormously appreciate something like that.

Your favorite color? Why? Green, in any shade! Prefer however the dark emerald green and forest green. Why can’t I tell. By small I just love these tones.

Your favorite Designer? Why? Diane von Fürstenberg. I love their classic cuts and materials – there is nothing boring.

Your favorite song? Which memory link you so? Huiiii, because you’ve got a few right 🙂 But the probably most important song is “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi. This is the song of my summer of 2000, in which I was allowed to experience so much. And if I’m not available soon a couple of weeks, you’re guilty because you have reminded me. Is real time again just a few clothes to pack and leave without a definite aim!

. Which living person do you find impressive? Anyone can impress me, who fights for his goals. And although it will be difficult, don’t give up.

What would be your last meal? Ask me that again when the time comes; that depends on my cravings. At the moment were mussels with thick fries, salad and Knoblauchmajo, so how I’ve eaten them always on the Atlantic coast. Now know also what probably tonight there will be!

What wish would you meet friends yet? Dive with whale sharks and manta rays. at some point in this life I do that yet!

On cosmetic product would you never want? My Clarisonic MIA 2

What would you never wear? This funny adult onesie I find quite bad – for home. Leggings, leggings, leggings are what I like but do not…

Which piece of clothing do you own the longest? When I go out of which I also still wear, that’s probably my long, croppedwool coat. Which has now over 22 years down and I think not to replace him. He is always still stunningly beautiful.

” With what preconceptions did you already fight? ” Women have to find nix in male professions,”he sprachs and failed the midterm: P

Your greatest accomplishment? Fashionable: a few Overkneestiefel of Bally, which never went into production. They only got, because I be labbert the sales Chief did, I get one of the fit models. Human: my husband; and philosophical: my independence.

Fashion is… also a mirror of the soul of the carrier, therefore I understand fashion as a language.