Abdoburn, Dr. Jones, Reduces Abdominal Fat

Even for those who try to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise constantly reducing the abdominal fat was still a problem that seemed impossible to be resolved. Efforts to create a product that would disappear with the famous belly beer have always been, but only now with the Abdoburn, of Dr. Jones, the results actually concrete were presented.

Abdoburn, Dr. Jones, Reduces Abdominal Fat

Proven results

The product has undergone testing for effectiveness and achieved 100% approval of the participants, and 67% of them reported reduction of the measures abdominal (4.7 cm on average), and 97% of them claimed improvement in the sagging skin of the abdomen, which can be repeated if the Abdoburn is applied on the thighs, trunk and buttocks.


The secret of the action of the gel in reducing abdominal fat to the Dr. Jones is on your assets: the fraction of the plant african Chrysanthelium Indicum, which works as an alpha blocker, activating lipolysis and caffeine pure vector, which helps in penetration into the skin, optimizing the lypolitic action. Explaining in a simpler way, the Abdoburn blocks the receptors in the fatty tissue facilitate the lipolysis and helping in reduction of fat.

Do your part!

It is important to emphasize that the Abdoburn not meant to lose weight, but to prevent the formation of cells of the adipose tissue responsible for retaining fat, that is, the product works in conjunction with your daily exercise and a balanced diet, it is not enough to apply it and then play in the torresminho and the x-bacon, while leading a sedentary life.


Apply the product on desired area and massage the way circular and evenly, but do not rinse, leave to dry naturally. Use 1 to 2 times per day (morning and evening), preferably after the bath.

To buy

The Abdoburn, Dr. Jones, can be purchased in Shop4Men for$119.00, its practical packaging has 200ml and can be easily transported in a purse or toiletry bag.