A Rock Three Outfits

Skirts are only just back from a couple of seasons as varied offer and I have to say that I have done me hard in the beginning so. One need still a shell. So I’m really warm for one year only with skirts and if I have the choice, I still reach befitting a dress.

In this case, so great styles can conjure with skirts and an individual can get a lot out. That is what today.

Those who manage to come all the way down, may vote at the end of the three reactions. I am also happy about every comment that you guys left.

A rock three outfits:

1. Classic

Full classic with a long blazer (makes real NEN slender foot the thing or?) I continued combines it with classic accessories:

2. Casual meets oversize trend

Since the trend is somewhat casual in direction, clothes are worn with sneakers, knitting is a subject and everything a little more relaxed, the trend oversize has become quite large. This often means that you get a so-called oversize, to clothing in many stores. But meant was actually something else. That the small sizes sink into it and so I wanted to have it. The result is this great big sweatshirt, I already love now, even if it was on the date on which the photo was taken, still very warm.

Quick before the next rain comes racing to the next location. Is fine, but the knitted sweater is made of wool and cashmere, which made then but noticeable)

3. From rock mach dress

But now it comes. The idea had my friend Nina, who has also made the images. She also has as a skirt, but in black. When it was delivered I was with her and we played around, how to combine. Until they pulled him up and said, “You, the one can wear as a dress.” It took a long time until we found that it is the same section, because the pattern so is in the foreground. Since I do not really know what was underneath, I took Nina’s denim jacket and thrown over.

By looking at the pictures I was really flabbergasted. Since I have back my dress! You must admit, as a versatile particles had not been in the closet.

For the completion of this great Outfit- Shooting Sunday two of my favorites, thank you Nina!

Shop the look:

  • The great rock you get here: Beat Print Skirt
  • The long blazer here: Langer black blazer
  • The big sweater with cashmere is this: oversize sweaters