A Little Bit in Love

We are “A little bit in love” with this cooperation: Lykke Li has a co-lab for & other stories designs. The collection in the trade, as well as online is available from 4th September 2014. We show all collection items plus prices

Lykke Li has a co-lab for & other stories designed in stores and also online available will be from 4 September 2014. The result is A collection which includes everything for a complete wardrobe. “I am a nomad and my life much traveled, my style is originated so out of pure necessity. I can usually take much and need to feel still good” Lykke Li reveals about the collection.

Co-Lab for & other stories by Lykke Li

All collection items with each other can be combined according to this credo. Color the singer has been confined to black and white. Tops, flared trousers and Blazer comprise the collection, which consists largely of high-quality materials such as leather, silk, cashmere or Pima cotton. There three pair of shoes for every occasion, as well as large Ledershopper with slippers, loafers and platform boots. A special focus lies on the jewellery in gold-plated sterling silver, the unusual forms of which are based on Geheimzeichen of the travelling people – here Lykke Li takes up the nomadic subject. The prices range from 45 euro for shorts and 55 euros for shirts to a cashmere sweater for 125 euro and leather boots for 225 euros.

Caused the thought to its own collection is already beginning 2014, while the singer prepared for her upcoming tour. As she her ideas for her stage outfits randomly as the designer shared with friends, for & other stories worked, was true to the long-standing idea of cooperation. “LYKKE and I had talked long about doing something together, but until now, we both had the opportunity to do so,” explained at Behnaz Aram, fashion designer & other stories.