A Leggings Three Combinations

Leggings, hated and loved. On one hand, I have been wearing clothes more often, which in combination to secure a tights would have been better, more elegant and appropriate. On the other hand leggings only times convenient. That does not mean that leggings “does not look good dressed” per se somehow with a leggings can be many combinations style that fit for many occasions and trends.

I love my leggings and was very pleased, as were trendy again about five years ago.

Three proposals for leggings combinations

As a base I have a structured leggings by Triangle by S.Oliver taken:

Combining one, leggings in Business:

It seemed to me important that you do not see above the elastic band and as a whole provides a more elegant and more formal impression:

  • Leggings: Triangle by s.Oliver
  • Blazer: Violeta by Mango
  • Longbluse: Violeta by Mango
  • Boots: Deichmann

Combining two: leggings and punk

This year grunge, punk and a bit of the England of the 80s comes back yes. At that time, the punks had their clothes themselves customized, with safety pins, studs and chains. Leggings did not exist, but tight pants and leggings instead so scratchy gym pants. Now that parts of trends come back, that everything is pre-produced and no soldering more thing to his leather jacket.

  • Leggings: Triangle by s.Oliver
  • Leather / Nietenarmband 15 Euro: Liebeskind Berlin
  • Biker Jacket Genuine Leather: asos curve
  • Check Shirt: asos curve
  • Boots: asos
  • Belt: sheego

Combining three: the oversize trend.

I love you, my long cardigan and I liebäugele with wide coats and sweaters in the current oversize trend. Only the combination which is not unimportant. It has definitely something to narrow… For example, you guessed it, a leggings:

Top row:

  • poncho coat
  • Next black coat
  • Long cardigan Junarose

Bottom row:

  • Points sweatshirt: Carmakoma
  • Leggings: Triangle by s.Oliver
  • Poncho: New Look