A German Plus-size Model

A German plus-size model?

Of which there are not a few. They are of the order situation and also of the sums they earn, not comparable to the pro plus-size model from abroad, especially from the US, but you can learn a lot from such a story.

Joleen (pronounced as written) I at a sheego Event 2012 met. It was about a calendar shoot for the company and the final selection was embedded in an event with Zipp and Zapp. The evening went ahead was an extensive campaign with a few thousand applicants. I have the result still be in the office and have again seen quite a few of the ladies on the individual months in the course of time. As a German plus-size model is really no need to hide, it grows as just a real market.

The joke was that Joleen, is like some others did not was among the winners, but a short time before, kicked in the very last lap. That night I had a mega fun with the, as they called themselves, “wild thirteen”. Together they have comforted and harmed than the thirteenth calendar sheet together. That was in the summer of 2012 Design.

2013 I had the honor exclusively to introduce the first Plus Size Fashion Weekend in London for Germany. As part of this there was a casting, in which Joleen, with almost zero experience, just once applied and was accepted.

The designers scrambled to the crisp blonde and Joleen felt like in Hollywood.

She traveled with her parents yet, two very lovely people, and the training for pediatric nurse was not yet completed. Since I know that, I always ask them to me with a baby on her arm before she expresses itself.

This was followed by photo spreads or up here a competition with Glööckler for Ulla Popken and a new year, with a new show in London….
Who was it again? Has taken on to London to audition and was taken? Correct:

In London Joleen has also presented Lingerie. The film can be found here: Corsets Plus Size in HomoSociety.com.

By applying for Maite Kelly Fashion Show 2014 and the TV was aware of them and there were two shootings with RTL, which is not bad got the sympathetic Oldenburg determined. From Maite I know she Size wanted a German Model Plus, a natural, fresh with beautiful curves. When Joleen it has then become, I still thought, “Is not it so!”

At Joleens example, one can easily see that in it ‘may be excellent value.
But what, in my opinion, their success is their serenity.
In the last three years, in which I am traveling in the Curves community and built my business have a lot of people I have encountered who mainly know a word: ICH.

People who want things to very, very tug at something and usurp. This may even sometimes go well, but never without losses and posed an ever sometime. That’s human, it’s already happened to me that I have only seen me and something really wanted to, I do not got. But I have also learned, if I let go at some point and were “giving up” everything I wanted, come back to me.

Joleen can. It is involved, also invested time as travel expenses, are interviews, moving in front of a camera, running down the runway, teach an learns. But above all, know Joleen who she is: A now Examinierte pediatric nurse who appreciates her curves, presenting white and does increasingly on a catwalk.

Yourself into the foreground and make other case flat – often one thinks it is just so – is not their thing. Joleen provides simple well and is from one hundred percent. With such people one works simply like and therefore it runs with her just like clockwork.