A Day In Nicolette’s Life

Nicolette Mason is a busy fashionista – and that is exactly what she loves about her job. No matter how much she is going to be between the world’s hottest modem sets, write her next column for the American “Marie Claire”, or plan an exciting collaboration with an international model (and live her live 90,000 Instagram fans live) Is like the other and every day is an adventure. How a day can look at her, she tells us today:

It has cost me hard work for a long time, but at this point in my career, I am beginning to enjoy the privilege of my jobs to the fullest. The endless stream of inspiration, creativity and joy that determines every day of my work from early to late is infinite. No day is like the other, and that’s exactly what I love about my job: it is versatile, from morning to night durchtakttet and can already times the one or other (or even three) outfit change. In addition, I often travel between New York and Los Angeles (from the East to the West Coast) or for a business trip abroad.Regardless of the modemetropole I am in, I love to have fun with the fashion and to absorb the inspirations that my surroundings convey to me.

10 Am: Morning Routine

Every morning, after drinking my first coffee and taking a quick look into my emails, it pulls me out into the streets of New York so I can go with my dog  Frankie Gassi. For me this is the perfect start to the day, as I can use the time in the fresh air to think, to sort out my To Do’s for the day and to determine what I want to create. This helps me to be more productive throughout the day. When I am in New York, we usually walk through the wondrous streets of Williamsburg in Brooklyn-a district that is experiencing a real upturn. I’ve been living in the neighborhood for six years now and the development so close up has always inspired me. Meanwhile it is a hotspot for a lot of artists as well as musicians and it is also becoming more and more frequent that Williamsburg is used as a set for a film, which feels so surreal!

It is also the ideal opportunity for me to try out street style inspired looks. The rest of my day usually calls for more formal outfits, so I use the chance to experiment with my wardrobe and, for example, wear worn-out jeans into an oversized t-shirt. I am a big fan of this jeans jogger from 17 Sundays. The Australian brand defines the casual cool style and these pants work particularly well on the days when casual ease is on the agenda or even to heels in the evening, if it should be a bit more chic.

4 Pm: Meeting Marathon

When I am in New York, my day is filled with meetings: if I do not meet with some publicists or look at the new collections of Fashion Brands in different showrooms, you will find me in the offices of US-Marie Claire at  Columbus Circle.

Since my looks have to be versatile enough to represent me in a variety of professional environments, I love classics, which, however, are not allowed to be perverse. Black skirts are one of my absolute wardrobe basics, because they serve as a perfect base for loads of outfits. Together with a classic blouse – which I loosely tie up for a modern twist in the front – they also work flawlessly as business look basics. The best thing about such a classic look is that accessories never look exaggerated. A brightly colored bag makes the outfit a real eye-catcher despite the classic essentials.

Equipped with my pearl accessories and my classic black and white look, I am going for the meeting marathon. I have this (very, very rude) weakness, always put me behind in the yellow taxis. Not for comfort or luxury reasons, but I can lead from there undisturbed further professional telephone calls and can answer mails! What I show on my platforms may often look like luxury, but in reality my workdays start before sunrise and end in the early morning hours.Sleep comes with my endless to-do list unfortunately only second.

I visit various showrooms in the streets of Soho and Chelsea, and I am heading for the Marie Claire offices at Columbus Circle. Each district has its own personality and its own charm, which I would like to convince myself. The more districts I can see in one day – the better! In the editorial department of Marie Claire, I am currently working on the November issue, the cover of which will be the beautiful Sienna Miller and my column, which tells about the new collection of Marina Rinaldi (my favorite brand). I am especially impressed that the subsidiary of Max Mara has now launched the new plus-size line “Persona by Marina Rinaldi”. It is a younger, affordable collection, which I have discovered and loved by my collaboration with navabi. In the editorial department, we are also looking forward to our outpouring season with all sequins and sequins.

9 Pm Evening Programme

I love to make contacts and, above all, to maintain existing ones. Even after particularly stressful workdays, where I literally had to walk through half the city, I would never strike a meeting with friends or colleagues. Most of the time I am invited to celebrate a new collection organized by brands and designers to celebrate a new collection or go out with friends. Like me, my friends have a very full calendar. This is why it is especially nice if our events occasionally overlap and we can spend time together at events. Recently, I was attracted to a launch event by NARS (one of my favorite cosmetics brands) to “Santina”, a new restaurant with the most delicious Italian food I’ve eaten for a long time. Another invited to an exclusive pool party including synchronized dance and fire performance to celebrate “Tacori”, a wonderful jewelry brand.

The possibilities and advantages of my work in the fashion industry are really incredible and that I have the chance to meet so many interesting people (editors, bloggers, designers) makes me incredibly grateful. When I have checked all the to do’s for the day and have no upcoming appointments, I love to spend time with my wife Ali. One of our favorite places for a common evening is a quaint cocktail bar in our neighborhood called “Hotel Delmano”. It is located very close to our apartment and only a few blocks from the place where we got married this year – a place with which we connect a lot of memories (also sometimes the one or the other cocktail too much …)

The most important detail for such evening outings is – of course-the outfit. Marina Rinaldi’s contemporary “Persona by Marina Rinaldi” line has just the right look for your needs. I love this dress in the statement print with transparent sleeves and collar. These details make the dress a highlight that captures my stylist heart in no time. The seat and the quality of the garments also correspond exactly to what one expects from a line of the house Max Mara-pure perfection.

After these long days, a few last mails will have to be answered and a blog post uploaded before I can finally go to bed to rest for a few hours before the next day full of inspiration. If you always want to be up to date with my adventures, you can follow me on  Instagram. There I upload snapshots every day.