A Big Girl in a Skinny World

Good heavens, THAT was STRONG!

But luckily, the city is so fashionable in the capital, with international guests, buyers, photographers, journalists, designers, models and a lot of freaks, which are simply there because you stop there is where the hot spot is.

This has the advantage that one the Berlin dialect, which I actually find quite cute, does not overheard and the disadvantage that one must constantly buserln.Well, a real disadvantage is perhaps not.

It started already on the train to Berlin. This “this is the thing of Dings, who plays with Dings” Leut e, loads of models and a beautiful Cosma Shiva Hagen, which is also an eye candy. All packed with clothes bags for the evening wear and on the permanent telephone. Basically one has the A/B of the CZ celebrities already immediately recognized in the field. CZ sat with me in the second class, A/B in the first. Sometimes life can be so simple.

At the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week itself, some trade fairs were held, which also attracted the public and above all buyers. The ‘Premium’ and the ‘Bread & Butter’ but also smaller ones, such as ‘The Gallery’ at the Cafe Moscow, the ‘Show & Order’ or a trade fair, which is characterized by sustainability: the ‘Ethical Fashion Show’ numerous open showrooms, galleries, which also show ‘what with fashion’ and alternative events. The ‘Toast and Jam’, for example, which is based on the name Bread & Butter, is a large area full of vintage items.

You see, it’s no easy matter to decide, and who ever was in Berlin, knows a lot of the time you spend in bus, train and taxi.Shuttle back and forth, in the Rushhour brings the one also not further or faster to the goal.I was not even on DEMEND, the tent at the Brandenburg Gate, and Michalsky has me on his distributor to the Stylenight also somehow overlooked.

What attracts me, besides the fashion, is a great attraction, are the locations in which she is presented. The e-Werk, the shut down airport Tempelhof, the former main building of the Stasi, to name a few, which alone are already worth a visit – with or without fashion.

The most chilly was the Bread and Butter.The former start-up show has developed into the top event for Streetstyle that attracts brands, traders and fashion enthusiasts from around the world.The hot-selling Undergroud designers are no longer to be found here, but Adidas, Guess, Hilfiger dominate the picture.

Everyone tries to be even more exotic, even more extraordinary and louder.Clothes are not front, but image, image, image.

At this fair, you hardly venture to say, you sell little, but you are in a single Meet & Greet of the industry and to all who are mine.

Imagebuilding starts at the entrance.

The harder the door, the more pure. It is actually quite easy to open a door with a press card, not this one. I could be a witness, as three delicate French women voted about whether a plus size fashion blogger is so the right one.She was.Once you’re inside, you do not know where to look first.

Some are entrenched behind large walls, built into the former check-in, and you feel as if you are being admitted into a nightclub.In it there are then a few clothes to see, always great staged and that was it.Some want to be photographed, others send a security to their necks.

Others let the dolls dance.Hilfiger installed an ice rink on his stand, on which the models had to go.

I think it is most impressive when you look at this movie, which I shot on site.

Yes and Plus Size?They gave it here and there, what I did not expect, the exhibitors I could see before.


One year later….The first trade show for Plus Sizes during Fashion Week in Berlin.

Here is my comment ♥ Curvy is sexy

Basically, the locations themselves are worth a trip.In old stations, power stations, even in the former Stasi headquarters, will be shown, sold and sold, which is announced in fall 2012.Plus Size Designer will surely not be so lavish, as at most fashion events, but inspiration will surely not fail.So, it will be exciting …!

Vouge Italia has already presented the high-end fashion designer how to wear it.So that’s all ne smooth ONE!