7 Winter Favorites Of Our Stylist

Elnaz, our new addition to the navabi team could put together a fabulous outfit during their sleep. So who better ask for key pieces of the season?

Can we introduce? Our stylist Elnaz. If she does not make out fashion outfits for our fashion shoots or her expertise in our style chat, you’ll find them on the volleyball field or in front of the screen where she looks bored at the latest effects of Game of Thrones.Let yourself be inspired by their top 7 winter favorites!

1. The Culotte

Culottes have been an integral part of our wardrobes for a few seasons. I personally am very happy because I do not want to miss them any more.Especially the model with extra wide leg from the navabi collection has done it to me. They are also an ideal companion if you are not quite satisfied with your thighs-the flowing silhouette skilfully plays this part perfectly. The matching blazer creates a clever, fashionable look, which you can wear stylishly in the office. For a less formal occasion, I would combine the Culotte with a retro blouse and a camel colored coat.

2. The Jumpsuit

The partying season is coming: for me the perfect time for a jumpsuit. This model by Evelin Brandt gives me a lot of enthusiasm-the extended v-neck and the elastic waist make it a real figure flatter, while the glitter effect just the right amount of Christmas chic.

3. The Silk Blouse

If I would recommend a single part for this winter, it would probably be this blouse from the navabi collection . It feels velvety soft on the skin and scores with its classic cut-which fits perfectly with skirts, pants and culottes. And the best: the blouse is also available in petrol, green and pink.

4. The Coat

I am absolutely in love with the luxurious feel of thisEvenlin Brandt coat-it consists of soft alpaca fur and soft woolen wool. The casual wide cut creates a nonchalant look, which together with the little Black from Open End conjures effortless chic. For the final touch, you can combine a woolen scarf (amber & VANILLA is my favorite) and black ankle boots.

5. The Lingerie Set

Well-fitting lingerie is the basis for every outfit. And when they are as beautiful as this set of Deesse , they deserve a place in our underwear drawer. The rich berry tone combined with a delicate tip makes the set a perfect mix of elegant and sensual. Under the wrapping dress of Manon Baptiste attracted you will feel fabulous-and look like it!

6. The Cardigan

With the combination of mohair and wool this persona by Marina Rinaldi cardigan feels like a huge embrace.I like the pastel blue very well, because it makes a good mood on mournful days immediately. For a relaxed weekend look, I would wear the cardigan along with a white shirt and Destroyed jeans.

7. The (Fake) Leather Pants

Synthetic leather pants have the unique ability to instantly upgrade an outfit. Why do I like this model of Carmakoma? It is not as tight as a leggings. Navy blue and black I like to wear, so I would combine it with this Veto shirt and put on the Yoek artificial fur vest. For the day I choose boots, for a partynacht elegant high heels.