5 Ways to Look Slimmer

We always have the feeling of being a few kilos of happiness. The scheme is a failure in 95% of cases, we might decide to do good is knowing highlight to appear thinner. Here are some tricks used by all the stylists, including those of the stars! Warning lights are lit the spot!

Seem slimmer: the “tricks” of the stars.

It is actually not very easy to know how to dress when one is round. The clothes are almost never shown on XL models, even when it comes to plus size fashion! It seems that it is less “seller”… So, it’s hard to project and our eye is used as maigrissimes mannequins which we are constantly exposed.

If we want to dress like other women, it is clear that this is not to take the same little dress available in size 38 and add additional centimeter there so it suits a 52 or a 60. Cup, length, rethink everything that we put in for value.

How to draw fashion 38/40 without looking like a sack of potatoes? How appear thinner without dieting? There are little “tricks” … Come on, we share them with you!

1-Look In The Mirror.

The first thing to do absolutely is to look in the mirror to detail. Not to hunt the slightest fault but know well morphology. We do not try what we hate, it is known or it is! One seeks its advantages! A nice chest, beautiful shoulders, a cinched waist, nice legs, we all at least a little something we like.

We must focus on it. If you have the stomach or large thighs and you have a beautiful chest, put the value and you will see that everything will disappear… if you aves a marked size, ditto. The eye of those who look at you will land first on what you put forward and like magic, forget everything else!

2-Choosing The Right Lingerie.

Lingerie is essential. A well-supported chest, pants that do not brand it is based. But today we have the chance to have even better shapewear. It’s so important that we invest in a tab size lingerie advice.

The objective is twofold:

-For chest: good support, a nice shape, nice cleavage you have a lot of chest or not is very important. If you have a breast plumper banish the throat first price support which relaxes after a few hours. Invest in a quality lingerie. Still have doubts? Take a small T-shirt that you wear every day. Put under a regular bra, you look in the mirror. Repeat the experiment with a bra designed for generous breasts … Your silhouette is totally transformed.

-For the rest of the body, the size shapewear can truly change your life. We only decreases the volume of what we try to hide, but it is also disappearing cellulite and redefined the shapes of our bodies. Again, experience, and you will see that it changes everything.

3-Choose the right clothes!

Beware of false friends: bass sizes, high too short, etc. They may be fashionable, but suitable only rarely patrol.

But these are not our only enemies. The pockets of pants and skirts, for example. Look good or they fall, avoid backhand slant pockets that arrive just on the hips or belly: magnifying effect in sight! For skirts and dresses, check the length. If you have nice legs, dare runs with opaque tights, if it is not, prefer something more … Not too long either because this cup silhouette. If in doubt, put yourself in the mirror and make up your skirt a little just to see if it would be better just above the knee.

Other harmful to our closets: very thick or sticky substances the body too. It weigh down your pace and bring out all the kinks. Also avoid overlays, you are not an onion!

Choose the right size: too small you will be stubby, too you’ll look rounder than you are. If there is no right size in what you have chosen is that the model does not suit you, change it simply.

Think of the V-neck and all that can accentuate the verticality of your figure.

pants side, avoid anything that pliers and all that is too wide, again you will look more round air than you are, and something tells us that this is not what you are looking for priority.

Most importantly, as we mentioned above, rely on your strengths rather than trying to hide your flaws.

4-Dare to color!

Black, it’s great. This is class, it goes out of fashion, it thins, it is true, but too much black killing black! Dare to color …

This is not to dress in neon from foot to head, but pink and black, very pretty, black and otherwise, it’s perfect.

Always think about your body. if you are very round bottom, go for dark colors for this part of the body but wake up your outfits with trendy colors for the top. For example, black pants and pink top, and not the opposite.

It is not necessary to look like a Christmas tree to attract attention to itself. We never have more than 3 colors together.

Another advantage of this technique minimize expenses. You have the basics and you liven up the few fashionable pieces for every season.

Why will you dress differently than other women, why only wear shades wall passes that make you so sad … You did nothing wrong, you are just round. Needless to punish you, fashion is also for you and My-Size proves it every day!

5-Think About The Shoes And Accessories.

Footwear: If you can, wear heels. This lengthens your profile. Attention is avoided plateform shoes that weigh down and heels so thin that give the feeling that your leg is huge.

We choose a comfortable heel (not to be injured or have a bad back) and a reasonable height. If one round leg, it banishes the straps around the ankles. We can leverage the offset are easier to carry and above can play fantasy in the shape and colors. Today there are a lot of shoes for sensitive feet or larger. You can find all the tips large size shoes on our website.

As for accessories, you let go! This is often what makes the difference. You can dare anything, there is a huge choice. The course handbag, but also jewelry, hair accessories, etc.

This is what we recognize a true fashionista held. Even if you can not find the clothes worn by the stars, you can bet on accessories and choose the same glasses, the same bag, the same shoes, the same jewelry.

It is they who give pep to your outfits, sometimes for a few euros. Treat yourself!

A little boldness, a dose of cunning and a dash of madness, it does not take longer to appear thinner. Not to mention that the first thing is to smile at life. You are round, so what!