5 Tips For Plus Size Models To Be Stylish In Size GG

On The Eve Of The Weekend Plus Size Fashion, Three Models Of Large Sizes Give The Steps To The Fatties Who Want To Be Stylish Valuing Their Natural Curves

Carla Manso, elected Miss Plus Size Women real, says it’s important to know your own body

Who is chubby knows to go into a store looking for a new look can be frustrating: the clothes sometimes frowned upon, a little fat can be left out or, worse, the store does not meet your numbering. To help solve these problems, it happens this Saturday (23) in São Paulo, the seventh edition of the Plus Size Fashion Weekend, in the Latin America Memorial, event 100% dedicated to fashion GG.

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The model Celina Lulai: “the Court has that value the girl’s body”

Brands such as Lunender, Marri Gatô andvirtuous woman will show off their winter collections. In addition to the shows, these and other stores will also have booths with products for sale.

The iGirl spoke with three plus size models and they gave us tips for the fatties who want to be by highlighting your curves.Check out:

1-know your own body

According to Carla Manso, Miss Plus Size real women, the first step to dressing well is to find out what is the format of your body, to find out what you should be emphasized and which should disguise.

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“You have to look to leave the body proportion,” explains the model and owner of the shop Best Size, specializing in silhouettes plus. “The girls who have the PEAR body, for example, invest more in discrete parts on the underside, which is larger, and more populate the top, which is smaller,” says Carla.

2-no buying clothes less than your numbering

There are few stores that sell clothes that follow the fashion trends in large size. So many girls end up making the mistake of using pieces too small.
“The clothes have to be adjusted to the body, not too wide and not too tight,” says the modelCelina Lulai.

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According to the mannequin Bianca Raya, a piece smaller than your body can kill the look.”There’s no point trying to enter a number shorter than your. The fat will jump out and going to be vulgar, “says Pro. “We can use everything, as long as it is in the correct numbering,” explains Bianca.

3-Cherish the best shot

You love your lap, but you don’t like both of your legs? Then call more attention to one than to the other. According to Carla Manso, is easy to find out what suits you most: “Study clothing cuts, patterns and trends.”

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There are some tricks that can leave the production more harmonious with your body. “A longer necklace stretches the silhouette. Thin bracelets score less and can use several together, “explains Bianca Raya.

Bianca Raya: “there’s no point in wearing clothes too small. Is vulgar “

The cut and fit of a part are also important in this regard. “I don’t think prints and, even, horizontal stripes, increase. Depends on the clothes and she values the your body “, says Celina Lulai. “The important thing is whether the cut suits you”, he adds.

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4-don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt trends

New trends come and go, but your body gets. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt them to your format and not the other way around. “You can’t use something just because it’s fashionable, because it may not be good in you. The peplum, for example, would hardly suit a chubby “, says Celina.

To see if a trend serves to your body or not, the way is to try it. “Sometimes you look in the dummy and you think beautiful, but you not so much,” says Qiao. “The opposite also happens: you look in the window and thinks it won’t fall off there dresses and surprise”.

5-the mirror is your best friend

If you want to dress well, there’s no point in hiding so see your reflection in a mirror. After all, it is he who shows if you’re hitting or not. “The mirror is your best friend,” says Qiao.”That fat doesn’t go away with a laundry, but if you study hard in front of your reflection, can leave you less or mark it less,” explains Bianca Raya.

But even if looking a lot still think that skirt beautiful leaves your belly protruding much?”Running shorts underneath Modeler is the secret!”, play Pro. “He gives a refined and no brand cellulite”, concludes Celina.