5 Reasons To Watch “Hot, Beautiful And Sexy”, Which Debut With Four Protagonists Plus Size

If you often surrender to blockbusters Americans, can even have already encountered one or another chubby actress in role of certain featured-Rebel Wilson, As being single, say.

And maybe it’s exactly this the great asset of hot, Beautiful and Sexy, Brazilian long has just entered in billboard and brings, as protagonists, four women plus size running through to the standard that we’re (unfortunately) used to seeing girls GG on the screens.

They are not full of complex–no more than other women, at least-are all the time talking about weight and are successful. Here, unlike the plump spinster of the novel that was rejected or passed the scenes thinking about food, a la Sex and the City is well resolved, and full of self-esteem.

Watch the trailer:

But give representation to fat women on the big screen, not surprisingly, it wasn’t that simple. In an interview with Donna on the phone, Cocoa Protásio (Terezinha the show Will Glue), the Hilgeman, says the support of Director and writer Nanni Ernani Marcelo Braga was instrumental in Hot, beautiful and Sexy come to theaters:

— We were fortunate to have two people who believed that there are other types of women [in addition to the skinny, reference to responsible for direction and production). We didn’t have many sponsors. Not everyone believes and wants to play—he says. —But I’m sure the film will please a lot of people. For us (speaking about women plus) will be very good. In my time, didn’t have a fat black woman famous.

Even with some missteps—such as the fat thin, being fed x rivalry, as well as episodes that hurt the precepts of feminism for putting a woman against another-, hot, Beautiful and Sexy is a guarantee of unpretentious laughter and, of course, inspiration mainly for those who grew up without seeing each represented on TV. Another step against the stereotypes and patterns!

Want to know other positives of long? We list below:

Mannequin And Weight Is Just A Number To Them-Shoo, Obsession.

Maybe that was the point that really caught my attention. There are no outbreaks because of the body, looks in the mirror looking at the belly and no trial of the body of friends. Being fat or curvilinear, for them, is just a feature-how to be blonde, or curled, or high. The coolest? They use the term gorgeous woman with taste!

Fat Happy And Well Resolved Shows

When asked about the Cocoa because we’ve never had a villain fat on TV, for example, her answer lit a light: because when a Director thinks about a 40-year-old successful character, for example, never turn the role to a fat woman? Because the fat actress always needs to have a character in which the body becomes part of the plot of the character? Because a fat cannot be happy and fulfilled and an example of woman in fiction?

—People need to wake up and stop being biased. Everyone should have the same chance. The fat lady has everything like everybody else—sentences.

And here is another aspect in which the film stands out: the characters are all successful, and it has nothing to do with being fat. The character of cocoa, for example, breaking another stereotype: Ivone owns a network of beauty salons. How many fat black that did well in life do you remember seeing in fiction, huh?

The Figurine Is Drooling!

Nothing to hide the body or escape of necklines, transparency and justinhas clothes. They use everything at once now, and in a way that we are crazy to be friend of the characters share the closet.

Has short dress, fat sexy lingerie, skirt and, of course, very bright. Cocoa, which appears in one of the scenes with a play of sequins, account that also loved the book, signed by Nicole native:

—It doesn’t have to be covering the body. If you’re fat, you know how I felt great (sequins), but I felt pretty — account.

In GLS, Fat Girls Having Sex!

Yes, this information can even shock some unbiased on duty, but fat women have sex like any other. The difference is that fat hard-on never appears in novels and in theaters … until now. The character of Mariana Xavier, Wajid, stands out in this regard by remember the vibe a sex addict Samantha, SATC: the English teacher even has sex with a student during the plot. But all here’s sex life (active). BIA, Carolinie Figueiredo, character is a journalist who divides between her boyfriend (character of André Bankoff) and an affair with an Argentine photographer. Tania (Ziese Lyv) may even have a letdown like that with her husband, but ends up finding other adventures along the plot (almost spoiler alert!). Yvonne, cocoa already Protásio, is a single mother of two teenagers and is searching for a love-the plot is kinda pie for the character, but the surprise is good.

—Fat have wills as any other woman—summarizes Cocoa during our chat.

It’s A Lesson In Self-Esteem

Just seeing the four characters happy and comfortable with your own image, us (mainly us fatties!) out of the theater with a smile on her face. But there’s a scene in the movie that struck me, and that makes a lot of sense when we remember those real-life situations in which you are happy with what you see in the mirror, but others want to make you believe that you are wrong. In the plot, Bia is a magazine reporter about eating healthy (because, Yes, fat can be healthy, see?). She faces the daily debauchery of two co-workers–well funny by the way, and the role of skinny that makes a mockery of the fat. Aside from the unnecessary fat x thin, rivalry is a conversation with the Editor (a woman fifty, with everything on top, experienced by Eliane Giardini) that draws attention. The character even gets to say the Bia that she should be inspired by the stories that do to lose a few pounds – and that’s when you hear an answer like that:

—I feel very comfortable with my body, and that was never a problem for me—raises Bia.