5 Motivations For A Positive Body Feeling

Are you talking all around you about dieting and weight loss right now? Renounce the New Year diet madness but simply with a positive attitude to your body.

January is like a mine field. As soon as Christmas festivities and all the pleasures are over, the guilty conscience strikes and the “sinning food” of the past days is replaced by talk about new training programs and diets.

The issue of weight loss is always ubiquitous at this time of the year and it seems difficult to escape it. But we have 5 small motivations for you to help face the New Year’s diet madness.

  1. My Opinion About My Body Is The Only Thing That Really Matters

It is difficult not to be influenced by the media or the opinions of colleagues and friends. However, your own relationship to your body and not the reflection of cultural norms is a gift for the whole life.

  1. All Body Types Are Correct And Deserve Respect And Love From You-But Also From Everyone Else

It seems as if there is a general conviction that it is okay to be plus size as long as you try to lose weight.It is completely okay not to have constant dieting in your head. You deserve respect for your body no matter what figure you have.

  1. If Diets Would Work So Simply, Everyone Would Be Thin

There is a reason that the turnover of the diet industry for the year 2016 is estimated at a value of 320 trillion dollars. Diets are essentially doomed to failure, as they strive for goals that are often unrealistic for many people.

  1. There Are Other Reasons For Sports, Not Just Losing Weight

Whenever you want to sign up for a sport course or gym, you are often promoted with advantages for fast customers. There are so many other reasons to be active: a new hobby, for example, which is simply a pleasure to meet new people or simply a method of relieving stress. Check out the blog of my friendChristina , who ran a half-marathon.

  1. It Is Perfectly Fine Not To Participate In Dietary Discussions

At many workplaces or in the circle of friends, talks about weight loss goals or “sinful” food are the order of the day. Meeting this challenge is tough, but it is quite feasible to avoid these discussions. You are not required to enter into this game. Just silence or reject politely.