3XL Black Dress with Glitter Effect

Really nice shape tailored dress in stretchy ribbed material.

Glitter 3XL Black Dress

The grooves go vertical in a train on the front side, and horizontally out towards the sides.

Instead of an ordinary sewing in average on the front, there is a sealed-in groundsheet really fine, black glittering chain from shoulder to bottom edge. It provides a nice glitter effect to the dress.

The dress has a large, round neckline, a long black zipper in the back and short sleeves.

The length is to just above the knees.


Beautiful Red Dress

Very beautiful 50s dress in red cotton satin with glossy surface from hoticle.com.

The dress has a brittle with lots of volume and a tight-fitting top.
It has a straight neckline front and back, which creates a very fine and elegant look.
It has a hidden zipper in the back.

Beautiful Red Dress

The narrow belt in imitation suede included and completes the style.
The dress is made of a strong material with a little stretch, so it sits well above the bust.

Karen showing the dress with one of our black luxury dress. With a crazy dress gorgeous gauge will be shown in the best possible way. But the dress can also be used without skirt, then you get a little more calms expression.