3 X Finger Food // Pesto Potatoes, Chicken Skewers & Mousse Au Chocolate

As some of you may already know is my second great passion in cooking & food. If I had no fashion blog, then I would probably have a Foodblog. To my great happiness, I have Yes, a best friend, not less, but actually cooking and dining begeistertet is. This morning he came to the glorious idea that we could do with a pretty great competition from one of our favorite Foodblogs yes even spontaneously. At La petite cuisine wine, to win a photo workshop with the author Susanne runs one namely until today a sweepstakes with the chance of ten seats at a cooking.

Specified above subject fingerfood offers a variety of possible recipes of course and so a recipe to make, the idea of a recipe for everyone together quickly evolved from the idea. But who knows us, can imagine already, that this does not remain, but it also ran each of 3 recipes made. Björnwas actually even a little more industrious than me, because he has Bewitched 3 courses just like I, however, only the main course consists of around 4 different.

Pesto potato salad (4 servings)

As an appetizer, I chose a pesto potato salad with Sun-dried tomato me. The recipe that comes from the “open air” Cookbook by Dr. Oetker.

750 g small, firm cooking potatoes


75 g dried tomatoes in oil


3-4 EL oil from the sun-dried tomatoes

Juice of 1 lemon

2-3 Tablespoons green Pesto (homemade or from the glass)


some sugar

First the potatoes must be washed and then boiled with Peel in a saucepan with salted water some 20-25 minutes, until they are cooked. Then, the potatoes can be peeled and finally cool down. In the meantime, let the tomatoes in a colander to drain and oil soar. Cut the tomatoes into strips and then the touch dress. For the oil the tomatoes, lemon juice and pesto shifty and with salt, pepper and sugar to taste. I found the dressing tasted pure, very sour, but that was very suitable and tasty later along with the potatoes.

The potatoes be quartered and mixed with the tomato strips and the dressing and let him out then at least 1 hour. To serve the salad as a finger food that you can set it in small bowls or glasses.

Chicken onion skewers (4 servings)

As main dish but also super tasty potato salad there’s comes from chicken skewers, also this recipe the Dr. Oetker Cookbook “Open Air” is however easily cast off.

32 small onions (or Charlotten)

1 TBSP turmeric

2 TBSP butter

2 TBSP sugar

400 g chicken strips

The marinade:

2 TBSP runny honey

2 TBSP soy sauce

2 TBSP orange juice

some curry powder

2 TBSP cooking oil

In addition:

Wooden or metal skewers

The onions need to be removed and cut in half. Then they are caramelized in a pan with a little butter and sugar until they are Brown and slightly soft, finally you can give some turmeric over it. Finally they can be cold, while you touch the marinade. This I in a large glass bowl from the soy sauce, orange juice, honey ended up some Curry and the oil with each other and then used the chicken in it and eventually, carefully lifted among the onions. Finally, I have alternately made onion halves and chicken on skewers and placed in a fire-proof glass bowl.

Note that the fingers are pretty yellow, you could first skewer chicken and onions and then with marinade I sprinkle, however find it if everything is equally dipped in marinade better. You can now either fry the chicken skewers on the grill or in the oven. I have about 20 minutes at 200 ° C convection cook them in a glass bowl and through applied. To make the chicken especially crisp you can between switch through the grill, if your oven has such a feature, but beware that nothing will burn. The kebabs taste both hot or cold.

Mousse au chocolat (4 servings)

I love mousse au chocolat very, small glass serving, it is super as a party food, also it can be prepared according to taste with whole milk or austere chocolate. The recipe for this Schokotraum comes from the new food magazine “Deli” (by the way very much recommended).

250 g dark chocolate (I had 60%)

2 eggs

3-5El rum (according to taste this can be also dropped or replaced for example with amaretto or other liqueur)

500ml whipped cream

4El shavings

The chocolate is set up melted in a water bath and provided, then also the eggs above the water bath are foamy and have approximately the same temperature as the chocolate, then the two components are slowly stirred into a smooth mass.

The chocolate cream can then be seasoned with the rum, I took 3 Tablespoons, and the cream taste a Rumkugel, roughly like the inner very chocolatey but with a strong rum aroma, if this should not be to your taste, you could take significantly less rum. The cream to cool something now and meanwhile can you whip the cream, lift the cooled cream gradually under the cream and smooth touch the mouse, then fill small glass, sprinkle the shavings to finally at least 3 hours cold, also if it is difficult and one to prefer everything immediately want to eat!

We today really had fun, and us even if the kitchen looked like a battlefield now very early-onset twilight a little photo fun little ruined. From a certain darkness is just almost only black on the plate. Everything tasted has very wonderful, I am particular fan from the skewers and the cucumber appetizers, which can be admired on Björn’s blog , I didn’t think that a traditional, English cucumber sandwich tastes so yummy. Once again, we have found that when two people with the same passion together, you can each swing high on a very great and exaggerated way and just increase a topic. Finally this spontaneous mega cooking action definitely has paid off, even if we should not make the photo workshop with.