3 Things

First. I know that lately my blog only consisted of outfit post, but still I get more and more readers and comments. Thank you all for being so supportive and just awesome.

Second. I need to show you something special, a blog where two things I truly love come together: Food & Bjorn. Some weeks ago he started a blog about cooking & baking, he takes lovely pictures and documents his daily cooking routine. Please have a look:Herzfutter .

Third. Yesterday Caspers new Album “xoxo” was released. As you might assume, I am not a big fan of hiphop. But this is definitely something different. I actually have now idea what make me feel so great & melancholic at the same time listening to this records, it just touches me really deep and I literally can’t stopp listen to it and have it on repeat since yesterday in the morning.

Erstens. Ich weiß, das mein Blog in letzter Zeit fast nur aus meinen Outfits besteht, trotzdem bekommen ich immer mehr Kommentare und Leser. Danke schön für eure Unterstützen und dafür, dass ihr einfach awesome seid.

Second. I must show you something very special, two things together are a blog in which I really love: food & Björn. A few weeks ago, he has started his own blog where he holds his daily baking and cooking routine, shares recipes and shows beautiful photos. Please take a look on: heart lining.

Third: Caspers new album came out yesterday “xoxo”. As you almost can imagine with me, I’m not a big fan of hip-hop, but everything is different here. I don’t exactly know what so great and doing so melancholic feel so touched me is if I up the plate and down hear. But I can not simply turn off it.