14 Amazing Plus Size Stores That You Need To Know

Enough of the dictatorship of the mannequin 36/38! Increasingly women have found room to empower themselves and change the thinking that there is a perfect body type to be valued in fashion.

Many stores realized that there was a very strong gap in this market and began to produce fantastic looks for those who are above the dummy 44, valuing freedom and diversity and giving visibility to these women.

The change, which had already begun in stores with entrepreneurs launching plus size collections, has come to haute couture and catwalks more recently. Not long ago, in 2013, the first Plus Size Fashion Week took place in Paris. Only in 2016 did São Paulo Fashion Week bring for the first time a plus size model for the parades.

But as style has nothing to do with rules and standards, but rather with feeling good, we have listed some plus size stores that make beautiful pieces for you to compose looks with your face, on all occasions:

1. Oh, Dear!

With a wide variety of pieces for the most diverse occasions, the Oh, dear! Has as main proposal to amuse the women who use the clothes of the mark. Therefore, they invest heavily in diversified prints, very cheerful and colorful. They also cherish the absence of rules, inviting people to dare and break those famous sayings we hear about fashion.

2. Cookie Girl

Created in Porto Alegre for 12 years, Chica Bolacha is a brand focused on the plus size market.With a proposal of democratization of fashion, they create parts of the mannequin from 38 to 60. And recently they included the men in their collections, with the Chico line.

3. Flaminga

With options of lingerie, fitness clothes, jeans, beachwear, accessories, among other types of pieces, the Flaminga came up with the challenge of bringing quality clothes to those who were above the mannequin 44. It is a multibrand portal with careful curation So that women who buy and / or buy in the store find the best in the market.

4. Mary Abacaxita

The Maria Abacaxita , inaugurated this year, is focused on plus size fashion for irreverent and fun youngsters. The brand has a lot of personality and pleases women who like pieces with different designs and more alternatives. The mannequin goes from 44 to 60.

5. Best Size

The Best Size is also a multi-brand store aimed at the public plus size and with the objective of offering elegant pieces for women who wear above 44. Prioritize the practicality at the time of purchase, and always look for brands that provide comfort and quality in their Parts. Empowering, she says that “the best size is yours,” and hence the origin of the store name.

6. KauÊ Plus Size

With the principle of valuing the customer’s attitude, the Kauê Plus Size store appears . Working in the market since the 1990s, he brings experience, personality and creativity into his pieces. In addition to the virtual store, there are several physical stores throughout the country, with pieces for both the female and male audiences.

7. Melinde Brazil

The Malindi Brazil acts in the plus size business since the 80s, when this niche still had a few companies that met their needs. In the 1990s they began to dedicate themselves entirely to this area and today they are one of the most known and respected brands in the market.

8. Rouge Marie

After numerous tips given on her personal blog, the designer and fashion consultant responsible for the brand, Débora Fernandes, created the Rouge Marie . With the aim of creating quality pieces and giving fashion tips in the same space, the brand also takes to breaking old prejudices, like “you can not use this if you are overweight.”

9. Women’s Shop

The Loja Mulherão has existed since 2011 as a multi-brand platform of plus size pieces of casual fashion, work, party, jeans, beach, lingerie, among others. With commitment to find quality parts and offer them to its customers, the store is a result of the success of the blog Mulherão.

10. Palank

The Palank came in 1984, bringing more than 30 years experience in the plus size niche, being one of the pioneers in this sector. With the principle of breaking the famous rules, which are actually prejudices, seek to empower women who fit as plus size.

11. Julia Plus

The Julia Plus was inaugurated in 1998 in Rio de Janeiro, inspired by the curves of Rio ‘s women.Always with innovative concepts, the brand has international recognition due to the creativity in the design of the pieces and the quality of the materials used.

12. Vk Fashion Plus Size

With the mission of empowering, meeting the needs of the female public, ensuring comfort and quality clothes, comes the Vk Moda Plus Size . The brand affirms that its commitment is to attend a feminine public, conscious and connected the tendencies, allowing all to feel sensual, modern and young.

13. Chic & Elegant

Valuing the Brazilian woman, Chic & Elegante combines comfort, joy and quality. Created in 2009, the brand always seeks to bring the main world trends to Brazil to make women beautiful and with self-esteem up there.

14. Lilac Fashion

Created in 2012, Liló Fashion was created with the purpose of fulfilling the dream of the plus size women to use quality pieces that are in keeping with the latest trends in fashion. The store sells casual fashion, party, beach, intimate fashion and jeans. With options stamped and more sober, seeks to suit all styles, pleasing all women.

Today there is a good variety of amazing stores for you to buy your clothes and feel beautiful, empowered and fashionable, is not it? So enjoy, know all of them and indicate this matter to your friends who are also plus size!