10 Tips Fashion to Disguise the Extra Kilos

For those who have for some time lost sight of the ideal weight, but still appreciates the elegance and style, there are some basic rules to be followed that can ensure good results to dress, whether it is with clothes or social attire casual, just remember the tips below:

10 Tips Fashion to Disguise the Extra Kilos

1 – empty Pockets – you already have body volume enough, do not need phone, wallet and keys further enhancing their silhouette. If you’re the type who carries a lot of thing in day-to-day, consider purchasing a purse postman or a clutch male;

2 – Uniformity of color and vertical stripes pants and shirt of a single color create the illusion of elongation, vertical stripes subtle increase this illusion and it is not necessary to tell you how much this helps.

3 – Cuffs V – help you get the rounded shape of your neck and are in high in recent times, but be careful with the deep V that creates an arrow pointing directly to your belly, stay with the collars more discrete;

4 – Suits in straight cut – let the customs acinturados for those who have waist, don’t fight with the pneuzinhos, choose suits with straight cut and be happy;

5 – Clothes with trim suitable – too tight or too baggy will only make increase your silhouette, the cut set will leave you more elegant, without squeezing or look sloppy;

6 – Coat with 3 buttons, always – the two buttons, as well as the t-shirt “deep V neck” creates an arrow straight to her belly, already the suit jacket 3 buttons, to be more closed, keeps the focus on the face, leaving the rest in the background;

7 – be Careful with the belt – too tight, mark the waist in a way horrible, very broad, does not secure the pants at the right height, so the caution here is at the time of purchase, make sure that the holes are in the right place;

8 – the Lapels thin – as are close to the face tend to emagrecê it if they are narrow if they are wide, can add some pounds on your face, you can do the test.

9 – Avoid large prints – floral large seem larger still when used by someone burly, focus on the prints small;

10 – Stay away from the knitwear chunky – bulky clothing has a nasty habit of leaving larger, which is already high, a poorly seen in the meshes of thick and in the jackets padded, prefer clothes with trim more dry.