10 Facts about Chanel

Why we “Gabrielle”-bag love plus nine more Showboat facts from the Métiers d ‘ art show for your next Chanel-Smalltalk

Point 1: “There are two new Chanel Handbags!”

Background check: The most exciting news of the show! The “Gabrielle”, that already some weeks previously made its debut at the prêt-à-Porter show for spring 2017, comes in a version of the Hobo and is embroidered in gold-metallic or Tweed. For the “Gabrielle” Karl Lagerfeld was augmented-reality glasses and binoculars bags inspired, men on horse racing once casual wore over his shoulder. Lagerfeld combines the classic elegance of a chanel handbag with the square of a backpack which can be comfortable to wear over the shoulder. Nous aimons beaucoup!

A bag, three ways of wearing

The shoulder strap is complemented by a plaited double necklace made of leather and metal in gold and silver. Thereby you can carry the bag in three ways:

  1. over the shoulder
  2. across the body
  3. as a combination of both, where the chain over one shoulder is created and runs diagonally over the other shoulder, a bit like when a backpack just. See our gallery for styling inspiration!

Here an example from the runway of the prêt à Porter collection:

The 2.55 is extra embroidered for the collection so that it reminds of the upholstered furniture in the legendary Ritz.

Point 2: “you know that there’s a Chanel suite at the Ritz?”

Background check: The hotel is inseparably interwoven with Chanel. Coco Chanel lived from 1936 until her death in Paris in 1971 at the Ritz and called the hotel “ma maison” (“my house”). Who wants to live like them, once so Bay the 188 sqm Chanel suite at the Ritz overlooking the place Vendôme. Cost: 18,000 euros the night

Point 3: “CARA is for Chanel back on the runway!”

Background check: Cara Delevingne wanted to focus only on her acting career. For Karl Lagerfeld but makes an exception, as shown in this photo here:

Point 4: “you know, at which show the models on the catwalk danced?”

Background check: Typically run always as cool and unsmiling about the catwalk models. The only exceptions: Sonia Rykiel’s show and just the Métiers d ‘ art show of Chanel – here danced the models even through the living room of the Ritz. We love! We want as much Joie de vivre at every show.

Point 5: “Lily-rose Depp celebrates now too her catwalk debut”

Background check: Lily-rose Depp, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp’s daughter is the Muse of Chanel long. Now, she made her catwalk debut. By the way, proud, MOM Vanessa was in the audience.

Point 6: “this boy here on the catwalk? Yes, of course I know who it is!”

Background check: The boy who can be seen on almost every Chanel show, Kroenig is Hudson. He is the son of Brad Kroenig, a male model and former Muse of Karl Lagerfeld, and at the same time Karl Lagerfeld’s godson. Early exercise just…

Point 7: “clearly I know that Willow Smith now also plays guitar!”

Background check: Willow Smith, the daughter of will and Jada Pinkett Smith, 2010 started her career as a singer with her hip-hop song “Whip my Hair”. But put on an intimate moment, as she reached for the guitar and one of their songs performed at the Chanel show. Bonus show off knowledge: the 15 year old is Chanel Ambassador since March 2016.

Point 8: “the new makeup trend? Of course white eye liner!”

Background check: Smokey eyes? Are out! At least when it comes to Chanel. The models Lauren de Graaf and Roos Abels here show the latest trend, white eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Make-up artist Coco Clanet determinants the white eyeliner, the idea of the makeup design by Tom Pecheux, the hair styling by Sam McKnight.

Point 9: “Karl Lagerfeld never distort a face? “By due!”

Background check: He danced even what is on this video to see. Karl has just the Groove!

Point 10: “there are also bathrobes by Chanel!”

Background check: Well, almost. And certainly not for everyone (unfortunately!). Where we have discovered the bathrobes? When actress Ella Purnell! She shows us her bathrobe from the Ritz here, we also want something with the motto of the show “Paris Cosmopolite” and their initials E.P..!